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The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the…

     We Are Change
Join this group to participate in Phase Two of preventing World War III:

     David Icke
Rise of the robots could spark fresh wave of migration as jobs are automated, warns World Bank chief

- - - - - Thu Apr 13 2017

Evidence Mounts #EPA Colluded with #Monsanto to Hide Cancer Concerns

United States still adopting ‘Israel first’ policy as UN ambassador Nikki Haley bows down to AIPAC

- - - - - Wed Apr 12 2017

These common foods contain two compounds found in the cells of our eyes that are critical for good vision. Maintaining good eyesight doesn’t always require a trip to the optometrist!
Eat these 15 science-backed foods and watch your eyesight improve

Glyphosate is one of the most heavily used weed killers now found in the urine of 93% of Americans, and has been linked to cancer, kidney disease and autism.
93% of Americans have glyphosate in their urine

Sweden Terrorist Attack: Aftermath
With Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux

     Syria #FalseFlag
Never Forget : ‪‬ 
White Helmets Mannequin Challenge

     David Icke on Syria
1983 CIA Document Reveals Plan To Destroy #Syria, Foreshadows Current Crisis


- - - - - Tue Apr 11 2017

     Don't go to WebMD
Looking for trustworthy health information online? Don't go to WebMD. The site has been bought by Monsanto and has been working to cover up the link between Roundup herbicide and cancer. Consumer beware: Monsanto's tentacles reach far and wide.

#WebMD #Monsanto #Roundup #glyphosate #Cancer #carcinogen #IARC #WHO #GMO #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa
WebMD Implicated in Cancer Cover-Up
WebMD is peppered with pro-GMO articles, which benefits Monsanto, a company facing hundreds of lawsuits alleging its Roundup herbicide caused cancer.

Statins are one of the most widely prescribed drugs, but before you consider taking them to lower your cholesterol, get your facts straight. There are many reasons to reconsider statin therapy, and mainly because the risks of taking them often outweigh the benefits.
Statin Side Effects: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take Statins

In every study conducted so far, ubiquinol has been shown to be far more bioavailable than the non-reduced form (CoQ10). Dr. Steven Sinatra,cardiologist and founder of the New England Heart Center, recommends taking at least 100 milligrams (mg), but preferably 200 mg of high-quality CoQ10 or ubiquinol daily.

If You Take Statins, Be Sure You Also Take Vitamin K2 and CoQ10  

     Black Pigeon Speaks / navyhato
Trump’s Machiavellian Tomahawk Kabuki Theatre

     Gary Webb

          Stefan Molyneux
Sean Spicer Faces Hitler Comparison Backlash | True News

Wrong About Racism?

Here is an SVBIED montage edited down from an hour-long, recently released ISIS propaganda video recorded in Mosul.

OH COME ON. CalTrans and DOT use K RAILS. Iraqi Army Should TOO.

OR cinder Blocks, or any way of BLOCKING a ROAD.

or just 2 OLD clunker Trucks to CORK the STREET.

- - - - - Mon Apr 10 2017

     Stefan Molyneux 
Debate: Military Intervention In Syria! 
With Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux

This is what happens when you mix Coke and stomach acid

Unintended Consequences

SWEDEN: A Muzzlim migrant sets himself and a bunch of cars on fire. They aren't so bright.

     Paul Joseph Watson
Islam as it currently exists is incompatible with western society.

Dirty refugees prefer easy lifestyle and just drop garbage from their apartment windows.

Germany , we can here see Merkel's "doctors & engineers" integrating and enriching the streets ...
Faked car bomb attack, Iraq 30 Oct 2016


- - - - - Sun Apr 9 2017

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters 
In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E's so-called 'smart' meters work and why...

- - - - - Sat Apr 8 2017

Driving through Detroit at night.

George Webb day 167
Day 167 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1
Enter Skull and Bones, Opium Trade, and 8% Markup

"I can not think of a system of law that dehumanises & degrades women more than Islamic Law" - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

- - - - - Fri Apr 7 2017

President Donald Trump Bombs Syria

When "Assad's chemical weapons" is a 'crock of shit.'

Im in a highly agitated state right now. Ive have been the last few hrs reading the findings of further genetic studies surrounding fluoride intoxication and editing the text to one of my manuscripts currently under revision for publication. What these studies show is that fluoride in addition to upregulating genes associated with arthritic diseases (as i mentioned last night) also upregulates genes that are biomarkers for insulin resistance, obesity, Alzheimers disease and cardiac diseases. In short, fluoride alters the genetic expression in humans making them more susceptiple to pretty much every inflammatory disease. One has to ask, who benefits from this? and who has the most to gain from fluoridation. Well its certainly not you. Its big pharma and the Health Industry.

For all you men out there and your partners I want to share what I learned tonight. Fluoride has been found to up-regulate the expression of Smad 3 protein in bone cells. Why is this important? Smad3 has been found to be critical for the progression of Prostate Cancer. Now you know why Ireland has the highest rates of prostate cancer in the World, alongside Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In each of these countries drinking water is artificially fluoridated.

- - - - - Thu Apr 6 2017

The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory 
With Roger Stone and Stefan Molyneux

Syria Chemical Attack: Push For Ousting Bashar al-Assad
After reports of a chemical attack in Syria, the mainstream media and the political establishment are pushing for the ousting of Syrian President Bashar…


Trump seeks 'no-confrontation' partnership with China

San Francisco Crimespotting is an interactive map of crimes in San Francisco and a tool for understanding crime in cities.

Western media lies about Syria exposed (Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett)

Syrian Chemical Weapons...think a again

The Debate - Chemical attack in Syria's Idlib

Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Exposed As False Flag

Syrian military rejects conducting chemical operation

- - - - - Wed Apr 5 2017 

     Fluoride Truth
The Most Terrifying Fluoride Submission You'll Ever See!

In less than 5 hours of dumpster diving I filled an empty pantry and fridge with over $1,000 worth of perfectly good food. That's collecting $200/ hour worth of food. You've got to see this!
3 year old Syrian Boy - Refugee Hoax- Debunked And Exposed

The housing ATM is back in service! Black Knight Financial Services reports that 44 percent of Q4 refinances were cash-outs, highest equity drawn in eight years.

Paul Antonopoulos comments, Syrian army kills scores of Daesh, Nusra front militants
Posted: 05 Apr 2017 03:24 AM PDT
*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF
Bruce Gagnon: US military wiping out civilians, seizing natural resources of countries
Posted: 05 Apr 2017 03:19 AM PDT
*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF

email updates from WHOOLI'S BLOG.

I am and have always been Pro choice. Pro Gay . Pro 1st Amendment. Pro 2nd Amendment. Pro Pot. Pro Cognitive Liberty. Pro Liberty. Pro Bill of Rights. Pro US CONSTITUTION. 
This triggered kid in vid is not 1st amend. IF i share this video. I would lose friends. 
SINCE I share truth about Hillary's crimes on FB I have lost many of my lefty friends. If I dare share this vid, I could lose the righty friends I have. 
Then All I would have left are the crickets in my sad and lonely little world.   
America SUCKS ASS when it is DIVIDED as it now stands under bloody #Rothschild #Zionist #Soros Division

- - - - - Tue Apr 4 2017 pm

Disarmament enablers should be known by the company they keep.

4/05/2017 -- Large M6.1 earthquake strikes Mideast / Iran -- South Europe EQ watch now issued 

     911 INSIDE JOB
Mossad Expert Accidentally Tells Truth ?
WTF? Mossad Expert Accidentally Tells Truth in 'Freudian Slip'? [Unslave Humanity] ~Throwing Sand in the NWO Propaganda Machine! - I made a

Look, this is how they do this shit
Faked car bomb attack, Iraq 30 Oct 2016
Video exposes a fabricated attack: 1. man plants bomb in car, leaves 2. car explodes in empty street 3. immediately, men rush to site 4. 'victims' lie down, ...
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