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Americans are being manipulated into hating one another so that the Left can usher in an authoritarian government — don’t fall for it

Mike Cernovich LIVE: Terror Attack in Barcelona

- - - - - Wed Aug 16   

#Charlottesville #GeorgeSoros #CIA
Bombshell Connection Between Charlottesville, #Soros, CIA
As evidenced this weekend, a civil war is…

Stefan Molyneux 

Leftist Fascism | Dinesh D'Souza and Stefan Molyneux
NEW VIDEO: What The Latest 'Divide and Conquer' Protests Say About America 
Watch on YouTube: for lists of RUSSIA DID IT memes. see 2016 and 2017

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which has a history of vandalism and assaults, which include throwing explosives, bricks, and glass bottles full of nails at police.
Antifa consists of people who largely believe in committing acts of violence against “Nazis.” This is something that most people would generally be willing to look the other way on, except their definition of “Nazi” or fascism is fairly loose.
Anybody who is simply perceived to be a supporter of President Donald Trump is labeled as a Nazi or fascist, and subject to being attacked unprovoked.

Antifa has been involved in rioting in multiple cities across America during the past few months. During these riots, they have beaten people simply perceived to be Trump supporters, along with throwing rocks, bricks, glass bottles, and explosives at them.
Despite the constant violence from the group, the media and politicians largely ignore the group.

"Anti-Racist" Terrorism Caught on Video 
Antifa considers you an enemy and justifies violence against you if you are a Liberal Democrat.

Antifa considers you an enemy and justifies violence against you if you are a Moderate Republican.

Antifa considers you an enemy and justifies violence against you if you are a Libertarian.

Antifa considers you an enemy and justifies violence against you if you are simply in the same area where one of their enemies is (look up the Ashford House Antifa attack).

Antifa considers you an enemy and justifies violence against you if you defend yourself or anyone else from their attacks.

Antifa is listed as a terrorist organization by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security.
ANTIFA Moron Attacks Reporter in front of Police

Alt-left attacks CBS 6 reporter in Richmond
AntiFa Woman Stabs Police Horse With Flag Pole At…

Democrats and liberals aren't safe either.
Liberals Get the Bullet Too
The far left is anti liberal and proudly so. 
AntiFa Assaults Then Laughs At Elderly Woman At Portland Pro… 
ANTIFA attacks a man holding a free speech sign (Dalston, UK)

     Militia VA
Raw footage shows the activities of the militia groups in Charlottesville on Saturday.

They claimed a neutral stance, and attempted to keep the sides separate and administer first aid.

A few militia members explained their goals and positions to Ford Fischer on video before leaving the city.

- - - - - Tue Aug 15  


5 Reasons Charlottesville Happened

- - - - - Mon Aug 14  

Mother Jones incites #Leftist #Antifa #Thugs to #Violence and #RIOTS

Mike Cernovich is live now Trump gives statement on charlottesville  

- - - - - Sun Aug 13  

Over a billion dollars has been spent over the last 8 years fomenting racial division, with the purpose of using the manufactured conflicts to take away our rights. 
What They’re NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots 
The bigger picture reveals who is funding the uptick in radicalism

- - - - - Sat Aug 12 

Max Igan talks with Christopher Gardner - BioCharisma Podcast

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs | Zero Hedge
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The prohibition of alcohol and the classification of marijuana as a drug had nothing to do with helping society but protecting the upcoming gas engine, paper and drug industries... all of which were threatened.....  

(1) UH-OH. Remember saintly Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer? 
(5) The ACLU says that the Charlottesville police department THREATENED TO WITHHOLD PROTECTION for Unite the Right. 
(8) The ACLU says that the police were "pressured politically." Only the mayor could do that. 
(13) When they they took away the cops, they took away YOUR protection too. And look what happened. 
Same as in Berkeley. Turned out mayor was Antifa himself. Public trust, anyone?

   George #Soros' Seattle
This Is The Scene In Downtown Seattle

#GeorgeSoros Funded #Terror #Riots #Soros

People in the CENTER today are seeing that the LEFT including #Antifa and elements within are #Terrorists. #RegressiveLeft #ViolentLeft

#RaceWars #Division #Chaos are the goals of George #Soros same as they were in #UKRAINE when he hired the #Sniper to kill people on both sides in #MaidenSquare #ProxyWar

Talking to eyewitnesses at #Charlottesville and its shocking to find out that the police in #Charlottesville decided to push the Unite The Right protesters together with AntiFa and then they fled the scene!!!

The right wasn't allowed to protest. Antifa & BLM were funneled in acting violent. Everyone should have a problem with this.

#FreeSpeechCanHurt #GrowTheFuckUp

most mass shootings in America are fake / staged / or false flag like 911 / ReichStag Fire / Gulf of Tonkin / YellowCakeUranium / BabiesIncubatorsKuwait etc. Can we admit that Govts lie and stage events for political motivations? like blaming ASSAD for gassing his own people... a likely story...
#FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE
#BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber
#2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns #GunControlAgenda via #FalseFlag #Terror

‪#soros‬ funded ‪#racewar‬ ‪#RoyalInstituteforInternationalAffairs‬ ‪#CFR‬ ‪#unitednations‬ ‪#agenda2030‬ ‪#populationcontrol‬ ‪#eugenics101‬ ‪#groupthink‬ ‪#blindleadingtheblind‬ ‪#eatshitcommiepinkos‬ ‪#HEYmacarena‬!

- - - - - Fri Aug 11 

FB censorship? As an activist I have always left my FB profile OPEN to PUBLIC. Now it is HIDDEN to public by FascistBook
As I often do to watch videos: I use another person's device to goto my and am NOT allowed to see any content
FB will not allow that person to see any of my content with login. WTF
DID FB just STRIP all my content so that NOBODY can see it without logging in? 

Street Artist Posts Anti-Google Ads Outside Company Offices Following Damore Firing
Angry Arab man spits 3x at a hospital receptionist in London, UK. See what happens next.
Of course all of this is a result of 'Islamophobia'. 

The lawyer for a migrant who Facebook livestreamed the rape of a young girl in Sweden claims his client was not aware the actions were rape...

- - - - - Fri Aug 11 

Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations - Oath Keepers
Monsters Inc - Amazon, Google and Facebook - The David Icke Dot-Connector - #DavidIcke 

If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form – Dr. Dave Mihalovic |

- - - - - Thu Aug 10 pm

8/09/2017 -- Japan earthquake hit as expected -- Major unrest this week -- Have a plan

The YouTube Purge Against Independent News Is HERE
In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the beginning of new YouTube policy towards "controversial" videos on thei...

The Death of Justice 
With Michelle Malkin and Stefan Molyneux

Louder with Crowder Tonight at 8pm Eastern
Steven Crowder hosts Stefan Molyneux  and Roaming Millennial

Now playing @ the Theater of War: The Discarded Deal- ( a DIA rerun ) Full Video:

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