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What World-famous Men have said About the Jews 

The American Dream Film-Full Length 
re: the Federal Reserve Bank #ENDtheFED #FedReserve #FederalReserve #IRS #IncomeTax #TaxationIsTheft

Turns out all the Christian folk were pitted against one another during both ww1 and ww 2 by the #zionist jews who have been in the genocide business for a very very long time, they are the destroyer of worlds and will use all peoples against their own, till the world catches onto the very truth of their treacheries. 

My Foreign Girlfriend Is A Prostitute Looking For U.S. Citizenship

"This Latest Hurricane Irma Track Projection Will Have This Catastrophic Destructive Storm Traveling Directly Over 4 Nuclear Power Reactors, in 2 Locations. Turkey Point - Florida City, Miami-Dade County (2 Reactors) and St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, Hutchinson Island, Between Ft. Pierce and Jensen Beach (2 Reactors). All 4 Reactors are Just a Few Hundred Yards From the Atlantic Ocean."

The strong desire for social acceptance is what leads people to become cult members. This desire is also what the subverters at the Universities use to attract young people to their leftist hate groups.

#ANTIFA = ANTI Free Assembly ANTIFA = ANTI First Amendment 
#AltLeft #Antifa #Violent #Leftist #Thugs #RegressiveLeft
#Soros #GeorgeSoros Funded #Terror #Riots ‪#Terrorists‬ ‪#ViolentLeft‬ 

- - - - - Wed Sep 6  

Rothschild Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets and Here’s EXACTLY What He Bought!

This is the rape of your children stand up and fight for them 

     Islam scumbags 
VIDEO: Migrant Gang Attack & Beat A Young Women On Paris Metro! [SHOCKING] 

Enriched Germany: Soldiers Forced To Guard Playgrounds 

     Antifa chanting "No Trump, No Wall, NO USA AT ALL
On top of everything else -- Is a civil war looming ?

Antifa chanting "No Trump, No Wall, NO USA AT ALL!” These people are fascists. The US government needs to shut them down NOW
This Is Happening Right Before Hurricane Irma!!!
9-5-2017; Hurricane Irma Allowed To Intensify to 180…
#UNagenda2030 #GeoEngineering #GlobalCarbonTax #AgeOFAusterity #LookatMelaniasShoes #DrinkYourFluoride #TrustYourGovt #GoBack2Sleep #GoBackToSleep
#ChemTrails #WeatherModification #HAARP #SRM #SolarRaditionManagement

#DrinkYourFluoride nothing to see here ... move along ... drink your Fluoride ... go back to sleep

#TrustYourGovernment #TrustYourGovt #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

Marxism Versus Capitalism: The Debate!
With Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

- - - - - Tue Sep 5 

3.06 legit sites lg 3.05 legit sites sm 3.04 disinfo sites 

Question: if the NYPD seed the clouds over Woodstock in 1969 as the US military did over Vietnam, both documented successes, then
How far have they come with that tech today? In other words: WHAT are #ChemTrails ? What is #HAARP? 

     Paul Joseph Watson 
Equating heroes who actually fought against fascism with Antifa scum is the biggest insult imaginable.

"Radical Democratic Terrorist" known as AntiFa invade Berkeley...  

Consider how this man funds Hillary, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa it is no wonder the world is in such a mess.
The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban!

#ANTIFA = ANTI Free Assembly ANTIFA = ANTI First Amendment 
#AltLeft #Antifa #Violent #Leftist #Thugs #RegressiveLeft
#Soros #GeorgeSoros Funded #Terror #Riots ‪#Terrorists‬ ‪#ViolentLeft‬
Don't miss this opportunity to learn, interact, take action, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Join the FAN team, as well as campaigners, concerned citizens, and experts from around the world in Washington, D.C. this September 16-18.
Click here to learn more about FAN's 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride:
Yesterday, heading back into Mauriceville where Oath Keepers established a Forward Operating Base assisting Fire & Rescue, local law enforcement and the National Guard with disaster relief efforts. Stewart Rhodes explains. has best info on using minerals to STRENGTHEN OAKS and prevent rot / disease. by Dr. Lee Klinger #Oak #Tree #SuddenOakDeath #Mineral #Poultice
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