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10,000+ dogs are killed by cops every year. How can we stop them?  

HAPPENING NOW: Bikers are disrupting traffic during the 'Wheels Up, Guns Down' rally in Miami. 

     Colin Flaherty covered these outlaw bikers today too Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon 

 Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

- - - - - Sun Jan 14 2018 

     Stefan Molyneux 
But Twitter Is A Private Company...

432 Hz – Unlocking The Magnificence Of The 3, 6 and 9, The Key To The Universe
Philip Wollen...Former Vice President of Citibank.

Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes

     dog was innocent doing his job
If you set up an alarm system that calls the police then you are responsible to not have a dog that charges strangers. 
The dog was innocent doing his job. Too bad he had the wrong owner. 
Wrong or Right ? 

      "halal" slash for fun.
London, UK: Muslim youth randomly picks up people to "halal" slash for fun.

     pulled gun on a cop
Police brass hold moment of silence for dead fella who pulled gun on a cop  

     attacking cops
Fellas attacking cops now the norm in Cincinnati and Lauderdale.  

Hey Bernie fans→ "Video showing people in Socialist Venezuela are starving so unbearably that they 
invade private farms to hunt in a primitive way the cows and other domestic animals as a source of food." 
Wake up Millennials, you're being scammed !!!

- - - - - Sat Jan 13 2018

Debunking Blatant CNN Fake News Propaganda | True News

Doctor’s Baby dies after vaccines. This changes everything. #ErinHNN   

Blacks attack H&M over "little monkey" sweatshirt. 

Black people are just not that into us. 

Cincinnati reporters are puzzled: A group of the fellas beat a white librarian. On video. One of the worst beatings one cop had ever seen. reporters are just trying to figure out why these random things keep happening.We tell them.

Monkey business at the mall. Plus, the fellas acting up here, there, everywhere, and none of it is their fault says (another) new study. Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon 

 Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

Thanks to Mayor of London London is a shithole. - - - - Fri Jan 12 2018    

Trump is right. Some countries are sh*tholes. Deal with it.

The Truth About 'Sh*thole Countries'

As if Trump's calling Haiti a "shithole" is far worse than Obama's turning Libya into one.

They asked the librarian for a cigarette. Then the attack began.

- - - - - Thu Jan 11 2018   

The more you know. Chicken contains plastic phthalates from PVC, Pesticides, chemicals. 
The more chicken human mothers eat the smaller the penis size of newborn boy. 
Max Igan Interview - Can You Handle The Truth? Max Igan, the man behind The Crowhouse dot com, joined

The "New Irish in Cork". Bless their hearts, the young scams! they should test their skills on the motorway next .

     Chemical Mix
Swiss LX40 Spraying The Swiss Miss Chocolate Chemical Mix 1/4/18 #WEDONOTCONSENT

     Islam now 
Police are questioning a man accused of groping a teenage girl in front of hundreds of people at Burleigh.#9News | 
PARKING LOTS! The fellas love parking lots and easy female targets. 

- - - - - Wed Jan 10 2018   

     Max Igan
AI, 5G & CryptoCurrencies - Max Igan Interviewed by Paul Seils
Max Igan Interviewed by Paul Seils of (www.CryptoMASTERM…

NEW NUMBAHS from the FBI -- they are even worse than they seem.

Most important immigration video you'll ever see.

A Gray State: A Netflix Original 
A Gray State2017 TV-MA 1h 32m

      Fake News
Fake News Awards January 17, 2018. 

Illegal immigrant drug dealers take over public square in Milan and attack tv crew who expose them.  

The undeniable truth about "multiculturalism" 

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency.

- - - - - Tue Jan 9 2018  

This is brilliant  
Brexit Parody - Lightning Bolt by Daniel Bostock

Give him a follow  

- - - - - Mon Jan 8 2018 

1/07/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast California + Oregon on watch -- Unrest spreads

     Fluoride Deception
This is the best short piece!
The Fluoride Deception: an interview with Christopher Bryson

     Death by Political Correctness
With Owen Benjamin and Stefan Molyneux

Alexa is coming to wearable devices,
   including headphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers

Offline is the new luxury - (VPRO documentary - 2016)

I only wish the destructive Academy of Sciences Hoax museum in SF GGPark had gotten this memo before they BULLDOZED the AFRICAN HALL, The North American Hall, Wall of Marine Mammals, Dinosaurs, etc 
only to replace it with stupid worthless boring video KIOSKS


Beware of "the Happiness Trap" 

NBC TV asks - Are Black people aberrant? Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon 

Why do I post this? Because SF has so many great 100,000 people events to Black Violence: LoveFest, Castro NYE, Castro Halloween, 4:20 GG 
Park etc. 
Due to ignoring problem / looking the other way / pretending it is not happening. 

Sun Jun 24 2017 after Pride a gang of 40 black kids ran South on Castro St then East on 18th St SF Jumping on 20 cars and yelling "FUCK TRUMP" and "FUCK the POLICE" because cops are told not to interfere.

- - - - - Sun Jan 7 2018 pm 

     Stefan Molyneux 
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