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          Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux 

- - - - - Thu Feb 1 

5G Radiation Dangers Ė 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

     Stefan Molyneux
Deep State "Release The Memo" Damage Control | True News

Stefan Molyneux

     Maesyn Muse 

I just finished this new lyric music video for my song Consent.
Many women have had experiences with men they actually really liked and cared about, who pushed or rushed them.
So much of the Consent conversation so far has revolved around how women Donít want to be treated ... but there hasnít been a lot of talk about how we DO want to experience intimacy and connection.
Everyone is different. This is my personal declaration of desire. I wrote this song as a musical dissertation for my future beloved.
Boundaries are sexy. Consent is sexy. Mutuality is sexy.
We all deserve to explore and unleash the electrical magic that rests within our bones, when we are fully activated and our YES is alive inside of us. May we be sizzled!

- - - - - Wed Jan 31   

Cambridge Conservation Initiative listed electromagnetic radiation from 5G technology as one of 15 top emerging issues to potentially threaten wildlife. The 15 issues were selected from a list of 117 possible candidates.

FDA Declares Homeopathic Drugs Illegal 
In a bold move, a government agency has moved to make popular homeopathic remedies essentially illegal and subject to enforcement 

Policemen violently attacked by a bunch of scum: welcome to France! 

Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community 
Lack of human data on influenza virus aerosol shedding fuels debate over the importance of airborne transmission. We provide overwhelming evidence thatÖ

- - - - - Tue Jan 30  

Golden Gate City: San Francisco (1939) 

Fluoride has been found to be cytoxic, genotoxic, neurotoxic and contributes to reproductive disorders and infertility. Yet the Government of Ireland without your consent deliberately puts this toxin in your public water while at the same time talking about guaranteeing in its laws to respect and defend the right to life! A little ironic. 
Declan Waugh 

The fellas pull a gun on the Wrong Guy in Detroit.

White Girl Bleed A lot 

Boring vs. Exciting (FLAMETHROWER!)
(Elon Musk's $500 vs $699 XM42)

- - - - - Mon Jan 29  

BREAKING: Vegan Activist Politely Fact Slams Farmer On TV 
 YES!! Earthling Ed rocks!!  
and that harmer actually has the audacity to suggest that vegan acitvism hurts transparency! what a fucktard. they're getting so desperate! trying every stupid pathetic thing now to create a bad public image for vegans. it's not working, guys. the truth cannot be stopped! i suggest you start looking into plant farming now, because your days of raping, exploiting and murdering innocent animals are coming to an end!

A suspected package thief spent the weekend resting after she slipped and fell on wet grass injuring her leg.
The homeowner told Q13 News the video is comical, but the boxes contained needed medication for her husband.
Joe diGenova describes "Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton"

- - - - - Sun Jan 28  

ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on Health  
Is a cell tower going up in your neighborhood? If itís not now, it may soon. 


appalling waste of milk.  
Global overproduction of milk! A report from the EU Milk Market Observatory said the powdered milk stockpile now stands at nearly 380,000 tonnes! 

The fellas in high tech are sick of liberal white chicks down with the cause 

- - - - - Sat Jan 27 

Announcement regarding my campaign.#Bennett4Senate

- - - - - Fri Jan 26 pm 

The Internet Of Things: What It Will DoóBut What Will It Do To Your Health? - POSTED ON JANUARY 24, 201 

We all know that humans can't fly... but don't tell Jean-Baptiste Chandelier! 

Howard Stern and Henry Rollins tell their stories of black violence directed at white kids in black schools. And how their parents were in denial, deceit and delusion.
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