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Free independent press? I don't think so. 
Watch as the former Commander of British forces in Iraq is cut off by Sky for telling unwelcome truths about Syria

The folks that push fluoride on you and you children are making things up. Tell us, what is the cost to the individual and society of IQ points lost? What is the cost of a healthy thyroid? What about a child's fluoridation mottled, stained 
or pitted teeth and a lifetime of angst? ---**What is the cost of that for that person? ----The Moms' Team, do they put a cost on that? 
- - - - - Thu Apr 12
This is a story about our lives. 
This is just me. A mother who is trying to spread awareness about an issue which ultimately, makes her CRAZY.
This is a story about our lives. This is just me. A mother who is trying to spread awareness about an issue which ultimately, makes her CRAZY. #crazymothers

They want Russia broken up like Yugoslavia
An illuminating take on Zbigniew Brzezinski's game-plan, and Obama's use of it.

- - - - - Wed Apr 11  

Strawberries are #1 on the 2018 Dirty Dozen list of produce with the MOST pesticides! You can access the full list here:

Neocons, not #Assad, behind suspected #chemical attack: Ron Paul #Syria

Traffic hazard scoundrel... Cars Accident, Caught on Camera 

- - - - - Tue Apr 10 

latest news on lawsuit against EPA to end fluoridation!

Cancer, Cellphones 5G – What You Need to Know 
In 2011, the IARC classified cellphones as a "possible human carcinogen." In light of three new studies, IARC is urged to upgrade it to "probable" carcinogen 
Epidemiologist George Carlo, hired by CTIA in 1993 to defuse concerns about cellphone radiation, was unable to give the industry the clear evidence of safety it desired. Instead he found the converse. Among this evidence was findings of “correlation between brain tumors occurring on the right side of the head and the use of the phone on the right side of the head.” 

'Assad had no reason to launch chem attack, unlike those who want US involvement' – Ron Paul #Assad #Syria 

Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Against Soros Backed Georgetown Law School

- - - - - Mon Apr 9 

We now have NOW hundreds and thousands of studies showing harm and toxicity. Here is one more. The people that push Fluoride on us don't care about you and your children. Does your Mayor care? 
Does your water board care? See if you can 
work with them to error on the side of 
precaution, safety and ethics. ---- The Moms Team

War In Syria: This Could Be The End

- - - - - Sun Apr 8  

5G and Internet of Things: A Trojan horseBy Paul Héroux, Ph.D.,Professor of Electromagnetic Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University – The wireless industry dreams of deploying its new 5G (fifth generation) infrastructure in your
In 1776, Adam Smith, the first theorist of capitalism, warned us in The Wealth of Nations not to trust merchants when it comes to making regulations. He saw them as the cause of many future tragedies, because of their narrow-mindedness when it came to profit. Our governments should be wise enough and willing to establish serious guidelines for the upcoming data revolution. 

UK: Man waving machete crashes into pedestrians, runs down street with two machetes, cops say it's not terrorism

- - - - - Sat Apr 7  

10 Social Media Networks to Use Instead of Facebook

Trump’s End-Game Could Become Ours, Too.

- - - - - Fri Apr 6 

#Zuckerberg: ‘Three-Year Project’ to ‘Fix’ Elections, Fake News, Misinformation – Just in Time for 2020 #Facebook

You have a split second to decide if it’s a real gun or not!
The NYPD released this video Thursday, which it says shows Saheed Vassell pointing a metal pipe at people in Crown Heights. Vassell was shot and killed by police Wednesday after the NYPD says it received 911 calls for a man pointing a gun at people. (Courtesy NYPD) 

PURE EVIL | Detectives are looking for the man who did this to a homeowner - a complete stranger - with brass knuckles:
Please help get this video spreading on Facebook so the @Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office can find him. The more it gets shared, the better chance deputies have in making a quick arrest!

- - - - - Thu Apr 5

I don't want to sound weird, but please delete your Facebook account NOW.   

Many cases of “dementia” are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines, according to research legit source
French counter-terror boss says Putin didn't kill Litvinenko, US and UK did - and he has proof --
A former French official who has had senior roles in internal security and terror fighting has come forward with a remarkable statement: that he has documentary…
Philly High School cries wolf over black victimization and white racism.  

- - - - - Wed Apr 4 

Is Drinking Fluoride SafeArtificial water fluoridation began in the 1950’s. Today, we know that drinking fluoride can impact health and…


- - - - - Tue Apr 3 am 

On Video- Four fellas attack and rob autistic child. Threaten to set him on fire..  

Just another mall brawl, school riot, with the fellas and their lovely ladies.

- - - - - Tue Apr 3 am

--- source: Sinclair's script for stations

- - - - - Mon Apr 2 

     Luke Z Rudkowski 

Lots of contexts here that people need to understand before getting into the conversation about the Sinclair Broadcast Group. 

What Your Not Being Told About The Sinclair Broadcast Group
In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on The Sinclair Broadcast Group, their ties to Donal Trump plus a lot

- - - - - Sun Apr 1 2018 pm

every body should watch this clip. This is precisely why the dolled up bubbleheads dribbling out the govt propaganda line on the "fair and balanced mainstream media" should never, ever be believed 
Paul Joseph Watson - This is What Fake News Looks Like 

This is the matrix of falsehood, fear, and division.

Please turn it OFF and rip the knob off. Humanity will thank you.

So who is scripting the fake news? *This* is extremely dangerous to our REPUBLIC...this is mind control 

The Programming Is Real...

     Beware the propaganda deluge

Despite being fully aware of all these unsettling results, threats and concerns, the US corporatocracy continues to maintain a gung-ho attitude about 5G.
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