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BREAKING: An Elderly British Lady, Has Been Forcably Dragged From Her Home Terrified & Screaming, For Asking an Officer "Why are Muslims Allowed to Mass Pray in a Park, When Other Religions Are Not?"What has happened to Tommy Robinson, can even happen to YOU! if you dare Question the Police or UK Government about Islam. 

#WeAreTommyTommy Robinson Official Protest, 9th June -

- - - - - Mon May 28

Fishes are so much smarter than most people realize.
It's great when people find ways to help reveal it, although yes, wildlife belongs in the wild. Thanks to Black Cove for sharing this with us:

5/27/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Pacific plate overdue -- West Coast USA 'slow slipping'

LONDON - Muslims Protesting UK Go to Hell - British Poliice go to Hell

Special #BenGarrison #Cartoon #GreatBritain's Swift Injustice- #TommyRobinson Arrested Outside #UK Court, Jailed For 13 Months As Judge Orders Orwellian Media Blackout #FreeTommyRobinson #FreeTommy #StopCensorship #PoliceState read the rest at

#FreeTommy. Islam is incompatible with Western Culture.
Welcome to the U.K. where if you are a child gang rapists , the full force of the law won’t always come down on you (especially if you subscribe to the Islamic “religion”)but if you dare to report on child rape gangs you will likely be arrested and thrown in prison (especially if you are white working class). #FreeTommy #TommyRobinson

#FreeTommy. Islam is incompatible with Western Culture.
Was it purely convenient that they have got Tommy off the street after he said this the other night?
#FREETOMMY #TommyRobinson

WORDING ON VIDEO FROM Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson by Bruce Bawer

"Geert Wilders makes a statement on Tommy outside the British Embassy in The Hague." (Make Britain Great Again) 

A cop in a high-speed crash is caught racing down roadways again.

#TIME Editor Literally Admits He’s For Government Propaganda!

- - - - - Sun May 27
Africa's population boom, a threat to the future of Europe
Population Growth in Africa We talk about migration issues from Syria and the Middle-East. We talk about the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union,…
see also:

     Luke Z Rudkowski 8 hrs ·  
We're LIVE, talking about Elon Musk vs the mainstream media, updates about the crazy Tommy Robinson story, Trump's North Korea meeting, some actual positive news and a lot more. 
Luke Z Rudkowski 8 hrs ·/
Tommy Robinson's supporters clash with police over his imprisonment

Activists confront Telford police over Muslim rape gangs- proud of each and every one of these fellow countrymen and women
#FreeTommy. Islam is incompatible with Western Culture.
The persecution of Tommy Robinson 
Tommy Robinson Jailed | Sacrificed By The British State | #FreeTommy     (7 Minutes)

Tommy Robinson Watch
As Richard Frye of Harvard wrote, in the past culture radiated from the Iranian plateau

- - - - - Sat May 26 7pm

What World-famous Men have said About the Jews 

The American Dream Film-Full Length 
re: the Federal Reserve Bank #ENDtheFED #FedReserve #FederalReserve #IRS #IncomeTax #TaxationIsTheft

Turns out all the Christian folk were pitted against one another during both ww1 and ww 2 by the #zionist jews who have been in the genocide business for a very very long time, they are the destroyer of worlds and will use all peoples against their own, till the world catches onto the very truth of their treacheries.  

Lauren Southern Tommy Robinson will die in Prison 

Can the UK Really Do This to Tommy Robinson?
Tommy Robinson was arrested while reporting on a grooming gang trial in the UK. Shortly after a judge ruled that the press in the UK cannot talk about this. The ruling goes so far to even block people from posting too much on social media about what happened.
Can the UK really do this? What does this mean for free speech in the UK? (22 Minutes)
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