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Pacific seismic unrest ALERT:
5/31/2018 -- Kilauea Crater in Hawaii COLLAPSES + Mayotte Volcano set to erupt AFTER 5,000 YEARS

According to the Department of ill-health the only known adverse effect of water fluoridation is dental fluorosis, but that's because they fail to understand or acknowledge the very basics of molecular biology. In this current study, fluoride and aluminium were independently found to have direct (ion-protein interaction) and indirect (protein-protein interaction) protein targets in humans. They directly bind with 20 proteins (ten each), while the indirect binding network for fluoride has 86 proteins. The authors observe that fluoride and aluminium could have detrimental effects on many organs, including the spleen, liver, adrenal and prostate glands, small intestine, heart, and primarily the brain. The target proteins are involved in different important functions, including programmed cell death, nervous system development, osmotic blood pressure regulation, action potential generation, etc. More importantly, most of the target proteins are brain-specific; therefore, chronic exposure to these ions could lead to the development of neurological disorders. #fluoride #proteins #brain #neurotoxicity #health

Screening of Human Proteins for Fluoride and Aluminum Binding 
Previous studies showed that prolonged exposure to fluoride (F-) and aluminum (Al3+) ions is associated with numerous diseases including neurological disorders.…

5 years in the making. Filmed in 25 states.
Over 40 patriot super stars.
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Watch REVELATION Dawn of Global Government ~ Free from June 8 -17 - Oath Keepers
This outstanding documentary is available again for a limited time online. If you missed it last time, here is another chance. Or watch it again like I will. Please… #120db
Women in Germany are denouncing migrant violence in a viral video. #120db

Rape gangs are ruling the streets of Germany, refusing to assimilate, and it's spreading throughout Europe. Will Europe's problems come to America? 

- - - - - Wed May 30
5/29/2018 -- Hawaii Volcanoes Update -- New M4.4 earthquake at Mauna Loa

Heads up! Big brothers main seismic agency came on the attack against me...
USGS vs. Dutchsinse :) MUCH LOVE!  :) 
5/29/2018 -- USGS trashes my research , dismisses the findings, and belittles me personally

But without GOVT, who would CRUSH INNOVATION?

But without USGS, who would mock and criticize Dutchsinse?

    R.I.P. EU
England 2015: Vibrant Rich Cosmmopolitan Icon of the world. England 2020: oops sorry, it's a joke. there is no england iin 2020.

R.I.P. Europe, you were warned. 

Quadaffi warns Europe: 

Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, "If I go down, Europe goes black"
"Now, without Gaddafi fighting to stop of the flow of illegals,

Gaddafi warned Blair his ousting would 'open door' to jihadis ...
Muammar Gaddafi warned Tony Blair in two fraught phone conversations in 2011 that his removal from the Libyan leadership would open a space for al-Qaida to seize control of the country and even launch an invasion of Europe.

     Britain Bites Back
The recent treatment of Lauren Southern, Count Dankula and now the arrest of Tommy Robinson shows how UK has lost freedom of speech. Ethnic group politics so strong even a conservative government has caved into the call for censorship.

     400 crimes
Syrian refugee commits 400 crimes since he arrived in Germany in 2015
Hatem H was 19-year-old when he came to Germany, in late 2015. Since he first appeared German soil, he committed no less than 400 crimes. He arrived in…

     R.I.P. UK
“If I mention the word Islam , I’m condemned, censored or called names” - “ we can’t talk about what we want to anymore” 
This women shares the concerns of many people in Britain and indeed many other countries in Europe. 
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