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Luke is on the ground in Portland and will be going live later this afternoon, 
remember these reports are only possible with your support so please consider donating here. 

     Luke Z Rudkowski
Here in Portland everyone’s getting ready stay tuned will be live on ‬ 

     other Portland Feeds: live video. 

Redoubt News shared Guerilla Media Network News's live video.

Study: Sunscreen products block the production of vitamin D by 99% #Cancer

Waldo Photos Claims it is 'fun to use facial recognition' at Summer Camps #AI #PoliceState
- - - - - Fri Aug 3
Is Drinking Fluoride Safe
Artificial water fluoridation began in the 1950’s. Today, we know that drinking fluoride can impact health and fluoride… 

Max Igan (The Crowhouse) warned about 5G
David Icke warned about 5G
Aaron Dykes (Truthstreammedia) warned about 5G
Jon Rohnson (Stranger Than Fiction News) warned about 5G
Lionel Nation warned about 5G
James Corbett Report warned about 5G
Dane Wigington warned about 5G
Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) warned about 5G
David Knight (Real News with David Knight) warned about 5G
Alex Jones (Infowars) warned about 5G
Richie Allen warned about 5G
Deborah Tavares StopTheCrime warned about 5G
Mike Adams warned about 5G
Owen Shroyer warned about 5G
Paul Benson (Trunews) warned about 5G
Naomi Wolf warned about 5G
Dr. Nick Begich warned about 5G
Lisa Haven warned about 5G
Jae Woodward (WoodwardTV) warned about 5G
... and all did it more than 1 time!
Research & Our 8000+ #Stop5G FB Posts
Our smartphone addiction is making us stupid: Dominic Sandbrook says there is an overwhelming case that mobiles have become a force for ill

Are 3D Printed Guns Free Speech?
Full Video -

not sure why people are smissing the points:
A: our oceans are filling up with plastic
B: did you not see the video of the poor sea turtle with the plastic straw stuck up it's nostril into it's brain?

- - - - - Thu Aug 2

Curtis Bennett explains how and why EMF non-ionizing radiation causes harm
Alison Heath interviews Curtis Bennett . The World Health…
Cellphones do not cause brain cancer: No evidence radiation given off by mobiles leads to tumours, reveals largest study of its kind (what a joke)

Road Signs Could Be Ditched And Beamed Straight To Your Car To Fry You With #5G Instead. You know it makes sense

     R.I.P. PARIS
WOW!!! Paris is no longer Paris!!!! It’s a total shit hole!!!

Sweden: Four African Migrants Gang Rape Disabled Woman #Europe #MigrantCrisis

- - - - - Wed Aug 1

First #5G Rollout in California Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters
'Working-class hero' Tommy Robinson serving Israel's Yinon Plan for Europe

     David Icke  
'Working-class hero' Tommy Robinson serving Israel's Yinon Plan for Europe


The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 DecadesToday, America is a bitterly divided, poorly educated, and morally fragile society with so-called mainstream politicians pushing cynical identity politics, socialism, and open borders. That didn't happen by itself.

Heads up... 7/31/2018 -- West Coast USA Seismic Anomalies -- Earthquakes + Fires at same locations

- - - - - Tue Jul 31

Manchester Arena bomber was rescued from Libya by Royal Navy

- - - - - Mon Jul 30

7/29/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Next step up in activity -- West Pacific to W. Coast USA

FBI’s ties to Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered- Tucker

- - - - - Sun Jul 29

NorCal / OR Smoke / Fires @ 21:00 + chemtrails @ 24:00
24:15 Look at our cloud seeding going on above the fires / storms. they're gonna wanna cover that up
EarhQuake spots overlaid with forest fires/ geoengineering. Started right where our volcanos and slow slip were happening. Redding, CA 21:00
7/28/2018 -- Large Earthquakes strike West Pacific -- W. Coast USA Burning at Volcano + EQ locations

     FBI Crime Stats
Anne Hathaway Went Full On Ant-White in an Instagram Post About Nia WilsonAnne Hathaway says black people fear for their lives daily from white people.

But these FBI statistics on interracial crime prove she’s LOW IQ...


Retweeted Willie Shields (@willieonradio):

PODCAST! Colin Flaherty and Willie Shields. Black On White Violence, Media Cover-ups.
Shields Report 4-10-2017
In Studio With Colin Flaherty. Black Mob Violence and Media cover-ups. from podcasts/thesh…
@willieonradio @weroFrijoleron

RoundUP Monsanto Bayer Glyphosate sprayed on most all USA Wheat Rye Barley Oats.

     Moms Against Fluoridation 
Wow! **Learn this word!--- Did you all know that grain and food producers (i.e wheat) can soak their product in a toxic pesticide to speed up the drying and harvesting process! Sickening! This should be illegal!

- - - - - Sat Jul 28

     Athens Greece Fire kitty
Keep a Cat Carrier in your primary living space with a Pillow / towel / etc in it and perhaps a water bottle with bowls maybe keep the Dry Food supply there too. THAT way you can toss the cat in and be out the door IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.
Of the most shocking videos in the eye a few days ago. He lived all that you see and the man lives and he's fine.
Passed the fire literally above him

Poor engineering 

Bigger Video but same. Here's the landslide in case you missed it .....

Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan told reporters that the building was built illegally in 1994 and it had no construction license or occupancy permit and had problems with its foundation. It is unclear why authorities did not take action on the building to this date, but such instances are common in Istanbul and other cities throughout Turkey.

Canada has made the decision that political correctness is more important than the safety of its citizens.

The Real Reasons We're Sick of Social Media
(12 Minutes) 
Are Big Social Media Companies Being Used To Advance The New World Order's Agenda? Of Course they are! 

Study Finds Clear Link Between Social Media And Depression

     #SOROS George
Ethnic Corruption - Zionists' main Tool
Racism, discrimination against humans in all human endeavors is commonplace in countries occupied by Zionists - Europe, USA, Australia, Russia, Israel (in Israel
it is simply illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew) - Dr. David Duke
(10 Minutes)

The Truth About Jews
An honest look at the Jews and how they operate in White societies. Why have the Jews been kicked out of 109 countries in recorded history? Watch and find out!
(15 Minutes) 

What World-famous Men have said About the Jews

Blair New "Border Security" Minister? G20 Crisis Forgotten!!?!?
The man at the centre of Toronto's darkest hour, has been appointed as our first ever "Minister of Border Security..." This is egregious. 
Justin Trudeau hired a Minister of Nothing to cover up the illegal border crossing crisis
(13 Minutes)

- - - - - Fri Jul 27

NanoTech in Chemtrails Pete Ramon

A pyrocumulus cloud, one of the new varieties announced by the World Meteorological Organization on 3/22 last year, rose out of the massive #CarrFire July 26th as it jumped the Sacramento river and spread into west Redding, California.
In this video, I show the animation of it's growth from the GOES-16 geostationary satellite on the blue (#1) band.
YouTube version at

Shock! Lauren Southern Was Thrown Out Of No Go Zone By Law Enforcement In Sydney, Australia!
1. Islam is not a race it’s a philosophical and political ideology
2. My (work/purpose/chat/whatever is current) is for the robust political discussions which include immigration policy, policing, and Commonweath Constitutional power
Rule 10.3 of the New South Wales police media policy assured the right of persons to record the police. (4 Minutes)

Mum pistol-whipped by SUDANESE gang in terrifying carjacking
I guess Waleed Aly was wrong, again. Melbourne has a major African crime problem.
(6 Minutes)

Israeli MP Warns Australia 'Deport Sudanese Now'
Speaking from experience: Israeli MP Warns Australia to "Deport Sudanese Before It's Too Late" - אורן חזן - Oren Hazan
Malcolm Turnbull, we best heed his warning.
(5 Minutes)

Angry Woman Sits On Man’s Lap Since He Refused To Give Up His Seat…. Thoughts????

- - - - - Thu Jul 26

Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart meters cause massive changes to the heart
Vaccines actually make you sicker, all for the prophit$ of big pharma.

Europe: Before and after refugees: Europe will never be the same.
(42 Seconds)
- - - - - Wed Jul 25

Light chemtrailing over San Francisco, 7-25-18.
YouTube version:

The Key Zionist Control Points of 9/11
People often ask what are the key points that show that 9/11 was an Israeli Zionist operation. There are so many that it is hard to answer the question in a few words, so I have put together these slides to show the six major Zionist control points of 9/11.
Note - the hexagram symbol known as the Star of David is the symbol of Zionism since 1897.
#ChristopherBollyn #Solving911Books #911Truth #Rethink911

Say "Cheese" with confidence!

Corporate Spin: Genetically Modifying the Way to Food Security? #GMO #Transhumanism

By 2050 humans will attend own funerals as robots – futurologist #Transhumanism 

I’m so tired of Animal cruelty. 
Come take a stand in NYC September 1

Revealed: UN Plan to Flood America With 600 Million Migrants #Immigration

War in Europe - Guerra en Europa
This is what happens every day in the area of Naples (Italy) where the masses of African immigrants raid line buses like genuine flocks of animals and do not pay the ticket. The video was filmed by a driver.

Migrant stabs German boy while robbing him. Merkel must be proud 

VET ROBBED: Detroit police released this doorbell surveillance showing two unidentified men, one of them armed, robbing 68-year-old Vietnam veteran Kendrick Holloway on his own porch in broad daylight; the suspects allegedly stole his watch, rings, chain and phone.

- - - - - Tue Jul 24 

#Stop5G Bristol is one of the government's 5G test-beds
UK: Questions raised over 5G links to cancer as mobile network is tested in Bristol - Bristol Live, 24th July 2018
'New tests have found “clear evidence” linking mobile phone radiation to cancer in animal tests'

Drive through supermarket opening in Dubai 2019
Carbon FootPrint Much?
I do not see how that MEAT? and shit? is gonna stay cool.
A: Temp Control?
B: Car exhaust and Human SNOT / Sneeze / Cough / Germs on food.
C: Asbestos from Car Brake Pads on FOOD.
D: Biohazard from E.Coli HEPc AIDS SARS H1N1 from the Gutter in SFO as you drove in over Homeless feces and IV needles and / or road kill
E: BS! You can not have it both ways: Either the Conveyer moves on Shopper's demand or on STOCKER's demand. Stocker arms will be severed if Car Drivers press button at wrong time. etc.
F: complexity. if as in screen shot The Stock is Loaded in Uniform Vertical input and then is distributed horizontally to each kiosk.
G: you can not have this in any country when you are importing Millions of SUB 80 IQ immigrants per Kallergi Plan / #Soros Agenda
     upon watching video 2nd and 3rd time I see:
Products are loaded on 3rd floor, sorted on 2nd floor, delivered on 1st floor. Still quite complex. note human element 
White Girl Bleed A lot 

‘Not found’: Half of ‘deported’ refugees never left Germany, report reveals
Prof. Xu Xin’s Institute of Jewish and Israel Studies at Nanjing University seeks to establish Chinese scholarship on Jews
(Magazine article)

"Is that true or did you hear it on CNN?"
- - - - - Mon Jul 23 

Best way to celebrate my Birthday? 
Come to Palo Alto with Truck or Van and 
FILL UP with FREE WOOD GLASS STEEL etc Burring Man and Building Supplies!  

vitamin k2 foods

Statins are one of the most widely prescribed drugs, but before you consider taking them to lower your cholesterol, get your facts straight. There are many reasons to reconsider statin therapy, and mainly because the risks of taking them often outweigh the benefits.
Statin Side Effects: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take Statins

In every study conducted so far, ubiquinol has been shown to be far more bioavailable than the non-reduced form (CoQ10). Dr. Steven Sinatra,cardiologist and founder of the New England Heart Center, recommends taking at least 100 milligrams (mg), but preferably 200 mg of high-quality CoQ10 or ubiquinol daily.

If You Take Statins, Be Sure You Also Take Vitamin K2 and CoQ10

The Suicide of Europe
Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall.
(6 Minutes)

Bank details for sale on Google: Hackers are offering full ID including your phone number and PIN for £4

Hillary cliamed 17 intel agencies agreed that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. Do we even have that many?

Seriously? Who steals a kid's pool?
Full story:…

If we are concerned that racism exists then
Is it wise to have BLM and friends Rioting, Burning Down Cities and Killing cops? 
or would that make racism and race wars worse?

     oh canada
likely due to having no culture to share
had they knives and machetes
had they hate for gays women animals civilization freedom of speech and Christians
then Canada would have accepted them

White South Africans denied refugee status in Canada
A white South African family has seen their refugee claim in Canada denied. Eric and Sonia Endre were farmers in South Africa and had been visiting relatives in Canada in April 2016 accompanied by their two children, and two grandparents. Ten days…

Hooton plan, just read..


- - - - - Sun Jul 22

Very Powerful Documentary Exposing Microwave Radiation Science & Lies! ... Research & #Stop5G

     Stefan Molyneux 
What Pisses Me Off About 'Intellectuals' Who Ignore Real Problems  (26 Minutes)
Recently Stefan Molyneux was asked if philosophy could really be understood by the average person - and it unleashed a flurry of passion and enthusiasm which is on display for his answer. 

This Is What Happens When You Import Clashing Cultures (5 Minutes) 

Meanwhile in the Netherlands...
Muslim family knocks out Dutch police officer in large fight -
Numerous police officers rushed to the scene of a potential kidnapping in the Dutch city of Almere, local broadcaster Omroep Flevoland reports. The alarm was raised when a girl was forced into a car in the city’s Haven district. The would be kidnappers fought with police upon their arrival at the scene as they intervened. Footage of the incident has gone viral in the Netherlands. The footage shows police officers being attacked by several family members, including a woman in a head scarf. One officer is seen lying on the ground having been knocked down by one of the family members. Four persons were arrested and are still in custody. One police officer was transported to hospital for a head wound. The person recording the footage apparently considers the situation very funny as he laughs at the end. According to police, it was a family incident. The potential kidnap victim was examined in an ambulance. It is unclear whether she had any injuries.
Home surveillance cameras capture Dallas couple being robbed at gunpoint 

"I thought in that moment I was going to lose everything"
SHOCKING home surveillance video from early this morning shows a group of minors pointing a shotgun at a North Oak Cliff couple and robbing them. The suspects have been captured.

- - - - - Sat Jul 21

Interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald | the Jewish Assault on White Culture
Professor Kevin MacDonald discusses the jewish assault on white culture. 
(26 Minutes)

- - - - - fri Jul 20

Multiple large earthquakes have now struck.
7/19/2018 -- M6.0 Earthquake activity strikes across Pacific - Alaska to California - Pacific unrest

The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle 

- - - - - Thu Jul 19


How to make the black kids angry at America's most liberal college town, Berkeley.
Black mob violence against an old dude at Berkeley.

- - - - - Wed Jul 18

The Clintons, the body count

Every Commercial Ever 
Give us your money and we'll give you a temporary distraction from your meaningless life. 

Outstanding meta-dialogue I've never seen anything like this: the writers on 
Person of Interest had a little fun mocking their own formulaic dialogue. Even if ...

San Francisco is Breaking Down & Covered in Feces   (13 Minutes)

A real enrichment... Welcome to... 
In French Grenoble, it has come to unpleasant riots on the edge of the world cup. A gang of criminal youths apparently used the grace of the hour to Rob a flix bus during the ride, reports french media.

- - - - - tue Jul 17


The Media And The CIA Have Called The Helsinki Summit Treason
Full Video -

Rob Reiner's New Movie Makes $41K Opening Weekend / Voter ID for 2018 / George Soros To Save Europe

 What kind of brain dead idiot wants war, yes war, not peace with Russia? Oh that's right, insane Liberals!
Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia? -

Rolling gun battle. New Video: Dramatic Encounter with Murder Suspects.
Today, Asst. Sheriff Tim Kelly briefed the media on details of last Wednesday morning's officer involved shooting incident. Please view the entire briefing here:
The body worn camera footage seen in this clip documents the final minutes of the chase as the suspects fire 34 shots at officers along busy streets near downtown Las Vegas, along with the conclusion of the chase in which officers used deadly force to stop the threat. One suspect died, the other was injured and now faces multiple charges including murder.
Without a doubt, the most crazy pursuit and shooting I have ever seen....It happened here in Las Vegas July 11th 2018.

FascistBook is OUT of CONTROL! Banning and CENSORING

Somebody needs to BAN FaceBook 
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