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I have lots of potential farm supplies in Menlo Park close to 280 @ Sand Hill Road Exit. LUMBER, Steel, Glass, Bailing Wire, other metal lots of stuff that could be used to build or repair, maintain structures, also general supplies and maintenance stuff. umbrellas, chairs, old wooden folding tables
I need to clear space so if you have an empty truck or van and could stop by, I could help you load of free stuff. afternoons are best. Eves are possible. 7 days / week. thanks for everything you do for animals and earth, scott

would make sense to stop by next time y'all have a truck or van this way running other errands. Sooner the better to see what's available, take as much as can load that day, and figure on future trips for more goods. thanks. afternoons are best. eves are ok

ASAP please on the first 12 sheets of #6 of 4x8 OSB chip board new and #6 of other wood 4x8 panelling, + whatever wood / lumber you can take. clock is ticking on the wood. so please give my email to whomever can grab this ASAP thank you

If you know of other animal sanctuaries, organic farms, or other animal benefit orgs that would like materials and supplies then please also give them my email of as I am under great pressure to move items ASAP thank you
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.