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Despite the warnings being raised by scientists, well informed healthcare providers, and grassroots organizations about existing and future microwave hazards, [3, 4, 5] telecom companies are planning to implement 5G technology throughout every urban area in America. They are already testing this new generation wireless telecommunication infrastructure in Boston, Austin, Palo Alto, and Mountain View California. [6, 7]

New 5G Cell Towers and Smart Meters to Increase Microwave Radiation – Invade Privacy

Follow me now and read this slowly.
 If you bring "there" here, "here" becomes there. 
Ellison wants to resettle another 110,000 in Minnesota.
Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation 

- - - - - Wed Sep 26 

     Fluoride Action Network 
New Video: Why a 5 IQ point drop due to fluoride exposure is so serious at the population level  
Third Temple in Jerusalem: Zionists Using Trump, Alex Jones to Fulfill Bible Prophecy - Adam Green

Adam Green from "Know More News" joins Henrik to talk about the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, the third temple. America is being used by Zionists to manifest this biblical prophecy. We discuss Israels role in the New Global World Order and how both Trump and Alex Jones might be playing a part in creating a "Greater Israel." Guest websites:

Zionist Terrorism (what you need to know) 

- - - - - Tue Sep 25 

Imagine you're a high school student doing a homework assignment on the Federal Reserve. You go to YouTube and type in "Federal Reserve" in the search bar and find "Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve." The horror! Luckily, you don't have to worry about that, because now that MSNBC and Mother Jones have ganged up, it's being scrubbed from the search results! Welcome to the world of soft censorship, folks! 

Lemons are AntiViral and AntiMicrobial. Lemons are new in my life this decade. Garlic has saved me from colds and Flus for DECADES! At first hint of nasal tickle I take clove or cloves of garlic, Crush, dice. Place water in mouth. Insert Garlic. Swallow. Chase with Water. Add Lemon/ citrus/ vitamin C etc. Drink plenty of water / hydrate. SLEEP. turn off all fluorescent lights. Avoid sugars chemicals in foods. etc. THAT FORMULA has saved me from Colds and Flus for MOST of my life.
New this decade and last are the wisdoms of adding Honey, Cayenne, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Echinacea, etc.

#Pensioners warned not to mix #statins and herbal remedies

      Smart Meters
Great 15 minute TED Talk "Wireless Wake-up Call" which includes research/discussion on Smart Meters

The Dark Side of LED Lighting
LED lights are making us blind and wreaking havoc on our endocrine systems, peer-reviewed studies show… Leading photobiologist recommends switching back to sunlight, candles and incandescent bulbs.

START HERE: and Environmental Working Group on FB
then: and Breast Cancer Action on FB
also and

Make-up and skincare products contain a cocktail of chemicals that could leave women infertile and even cause breast cancer.

These chemicals include parabens and BPA, which are considered 'gender benders' due to them encouraging male breast growth.
     Fluoride Action Network
NEW VIDEO: Environmental Scientist and Scholar Declan Waugh discussing Fluoride Toxicity at Otago University (September 2018) -- 
Fluoride Action Network /watch?v=lx4_DlUGJZg

#SmallCells #CellTowers Some San Mateo, CA residents upset over planned installation of Verizon antennas on utility poles btwn SFO / SJC

#FCC #SmallCells Rural governments also cry foul.
Localities both large and small object to the FCC plan. A group representing 35 rural California counties told the FCC that its "proposed recurring fee structure is an unreasonable overreach that will harm local policy innovation." FCC angers cities and towns with $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers
Cities will get less revenue, and carriers won't face any new requirements.
Pete Ramon 

Josh del Sol 
Acute sleep loss results in tissue-specific alterations in genome-wide DNA methylation state and metabolic fuel utilization in humans 

Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands Filled with Popular Cancer-Causing Weedkiller   
EWG Report (source): 

There is now so, so much more data and evidence since this was written. Get involved to end this dangerous and antiquated practic in your town!     Quake
9/23/2018 -- Spread of new M5.0+ earthquakes across the Pacific -- Keep watch between silent zones
Hawaii 34:00-42:00 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas detected from both volcanoes yet authorities are allowing people back in to tourism and housing
42:00 Continental US Juan De Fuca Pressure Building off OR WA Coast
It looks like we’re headed for a brave new world
where all citizens are rated on their loyalty to the state
and are punished for wandering from its narrative.
The Gamification of Tyranny Sept 21, 2018 by Kurt Nimmo

      Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia
The giant Octopus pictured here is an accurate depiction of how the Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia have exerted control over nearly the entire world's banking systems. This is how they finance war and conflict all over the globe, because they own and run just about every central bank on earth.

     WTC 911
"Preparing the WTC for Destruction" article

I also found this article...
9/11 and the Israeli Bomb Expert Infiltrated Art Groups: GELATIN
(demo wiring team) and E-TEAM (sol-gel team)

And this Video of it-

It does look just too suspicious to have been a coincidence to me..

German nationalists chase Antifa out of Dresden!


- - - - - Sun Sep 16 pm

USA interference in foreign governments 

Paul Joseph Watson
Biden refers to Trump supporters as "dregs of society". This goes way beyond "deplorables".
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