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NEW VIDEO: It's no longer a conspiracy theory! 
BREAKING: Bombshell MSM Cover-Up of (((Jeffrey Epstein))) EXPOSED

     Ryan Dawson
Jeff Epstein Crime Map (Updated) 

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Oregon Passes Legislation Requiring Oregon Health Authority Review Of Scientific Studies Showing Risk of Harm From Exposure to Wireless Radiation In Schools
After unanimous approval by the State Senate, the Oregon House of Representatives passed SB 283 with an overwhelming 50-8 on June 25th. Governor Kate Brown signed the bill on August 9th.

     We Are Change 
NEW VIDEO: James Corbett and Luke Rudkowski discuss the truth beyond the news headlines.

     Stefan Molyneux 
"San Francisco Mayoral Race for November 5 2019 Got Ugly!" Ellen Lee Zhou Running for Mayor
Ellen Lee Zhou Talks About Running for Mayor of San Francisco!

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Our Leaders Are Psychopaths 

BILL COOPER: NWO System, Secret Society Control & Israeli,Russian Roles in it

11/04/2019 -- Global Earthquake Activity increase -- Deep event happening now -- Large EQ due

     Synagogue And State Slays America 
"Kushner: Mossad's mole in The White House." - Brother Nathanael

     R.A.T.S. Raptors Are The Solution 
Wildlife groups new push for Governor Gavin Newsom to ban 'rat poison' to protect California wildlife 

     Epstein Coverup
ALTERNATIVE NEWS Leaked ABC News Insider Recording Exposes Epstein Coverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

#money #invest #financeThe Inevitable Economic and Societal Collapse! 1929 Level Events Will Unfold 

Get woke go broke. 
'Terminator: Dark Fate' Bombs, Could Lose Up to $130 Million' 
Terminator: Dark Fate' faces massive box office loss on its opening…
FOR EVERYONE asking how the movie is woke, this video lays it out pretty well.
Terminator: Dark Fate Review (Major Spoilers)

Terminator Dark Fate review - Yes, it really is that bad Tue Jul 5
White mom cries out for justice for her murdered son. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.
we hear from the mom of a dead white young man whose killer was recently found not guilty of his murder. A case study in Criminal Justice Reform and the cold rage of a mom who cannot believe what it really means.

     Colin Flaherty
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