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     From: 'Kick.The.NWO' 
How To Be A "Violent Nomad" and Disregard International Borders 
By Robert Wenzel, November 6, 2019 

As the thinking of the masses, and especially the youth, begin to move away from a classical liberal perspective and in the direction of socialism, I spend more time thinking about alternative places to live and survival tactics that may have to be used here in the United States if all hell breaks loose. 

It is just not clear how bad things might get and it is better to be prepared now than sorry later. 

It is with these sentiments near the front of my mind that I recently picked up, 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation by Clint Emerson. 

I am recommending that everyone close to me read the book. 


How to Opt Out of the Sites That Sell Your Personal Data
It's much harder than it should be to get your name off of data broker and people-search sites, but it's possible. 

How to Identify 5G-enabled Small Cell Antennas
The telecom industry is installing 5G-enabled small cell antennas in neighborhoods throughout the United States. They come in all different shapes and sizes.   
Here is a visual guide to some of the different types of antennas.

     Environmental Health Trust  Thu 11.7
Children, Electromagnetic Fields and Wi-Fi: Part 1  
"There are no health & safety agencies in the United States who have done a recent systematic review of the science when it comes to cellphones & wireless radiation."

     Max Igan
There's always more than the overt purpose with anything the internment does. 
What the Government is Doing is Worse Than You Imagine
Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 381 - American Voice Radio,…
     END CPS
Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services

     ABC News Buried Epstein Story?
Why did ABC News bury a news story exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his…
Insanity. Anyone who watches mainstream media after this is an idiot. We can’t let this case die. Throw Maxwell in jail

     David Icke 
Tree challenge to private-jet flying members of the Climate Cult


Next week’s Arctic blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US

      Colion Noir  #lebaron #LebaronFamily #Mexico #2A
Family of Mexico Massacre Victims Message to America: "Hold On To your Guns!"


     Luke Rudkowski Thu 11.7
NEW VIDEO: This is how far the mainstream media went to keep you in the dark on a giant global scandal. 
CBS Firing Reveals How MSM is Very Guilty in This Global Child Trafficking Case 

     Luke Z Rudkowski was live.  Thu 11.7
Finally COD and Epstein Didn't Kill Himself 
Multistreaming with 

     Stefan Molyneux  Thu 11.7
"CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio"

     Mike Cernovich Thu 11.7
Jeffrey Epstein Whistleblower fired from CBS due to ABC Demands

Ellen Degeneres, Deep State Clown, Exposed

     David Icke 
Anti-5G activist Mark Steele breaks down the components of an LED streetlight

     David Icke 
'Prince Andrew should go to jail': Jeffrey Epstein's Australian sex slave Virginia Roberts slams royal for denying he had sex with her when she was just 17 as she returns to NYC mansion where his paedophile pal held her captive

     David Icke 
Swedish Government Grants $175,000 to Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children

     David Icke 
Europe's green fascist nightmare - the terrible consequences already happening for the population and you've seen nothing yet as the Climate Cult drives policy

Bill Clinton Heckled at Clinton Rally - You're a Rapist - OH SHIT MAKE VIRAL!! LOL 
He looks really awful. He also looks like hes under a spell. His body language is so bizarre.

     InPower Movement 
Electrosensitivity to electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, Wi-Fi routers and nearby cell towers are increasingly recognized. “Microwave illness” (aka electrosensitivity or electrohypersensitivity or EHS or microwave syndrome) was described by NASA in the military in the 1970’s with a wave of ensuing research confirming these effects.
Physicians for Safe Technology | Electrosensitivity Science
PST provides scientific research on electrosensitivity including…
Though sadly Flouride remains.

Zero Water filters are Best at removing Chloramine and Fluoride: Largley the only 2 problems. SF / MP / Hetch Hetchy Water have!
Berkey Water filters may be 2nd best. R/O Reverse Osmosis is another option. has reviews of water filters.

and Berkey Water F

     whoolisblog 11.8
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 11/6/2019 11.8
Pregnant white mom stops a fella home invasion with AR-15
The score at the end of one home invasion: Pregnant white mom 1, Fellas 0. A new podcast with good news from Colin Flaherty.

     SBPDL  Thu 11.7
If Only the Races Were Reversed...' In Viral Snapchat Video, Four Black Teens Rob, Beat White Teenager at Gun Point, Proclaiming "You Gonna Die, Bro."

Romanian-Born Ivy League Professor Warns: Anti-White Mindset Infecting USA “on Its Way Toward Full Blown Communism" 
A warning to the West. A warning to white… 

Senator Ben Sasse Just Issued a Terrifying Warning About Mexico 
We should wage all out war on the cartels.
We could take them out as quickly as Isis, even without the Russians help.
We could hit these total degenerates with air strikes and destroy their sanctuaries. 
Drop block busters and fuel air barrel bombs.
Send in the elite killing teams of the various special forces and show them absolutely no mercy.
None of them should be taken alive except to be interrogated.
After the murder of nine American women and children in Mexico by vicious drug cartels yesterday, Republican Senator Ben Sasse is sending a warning about the state of the country and its government. 

     $ Gold Buy Signal Nov 1 on Seasonal Gold Chart correlates to delayed Nov 8 drop? Where is bottom? May be Today's $1457 2019.11.08
2019 Gold $ Feb July Sept Peaks correlates to Seasonal Gold Chart: Feb May/Jun Sept Peaks
Gold Bull Seasonals
gold seasonal chart  
3.15-4.1-4.10 + 7.20-7.30 + 11.1

     Schitt Report: Emmmmm, nope. 
on RT: Karen Hudes - The Bank Of Hawaii Holds 170,000 Tons Of Gold 

WFLA NOW: Operation Trick-or-Treat
CHILD PORN INVESTIGATION: A former assistant principal and two theme park employees were among 17 people arrested following a child porn investigation in Polk County. Sheriff Grady Judd is sharing more details now.
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