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make your cat happy by providing lots of boxes. save all ebay and amazon boxes for a week or month or as long as cats enjoy.
Cats like to move around and nest in different spots. This is hard wired to avoid fleas and bedbugs.
try this: before you wash each shirt, towel, pillow case, let your cat use it for one day, in each of their many beds. treat cats as royalty

Please do NOT spend hundreds of $ on a cat house when your cat may end up sniffing once, turning up their nose, then simply sit in the box.
IF you do buy a nice cat house then place CAT NIP in the hiding spots etc BEFORE your CAT is INTRODUCED
Place Cat House by Window so cat s can watch birds and squirrels. and/ or
Place Cat condo near your work station or seat so cat can chose when and how to be near you for rubs, petting or just close quiet company.
Should a cat lose interest in a cat tree, simply re-appy Cat Nip, and Move it to another window, or near another piece of Furniture to create on-ramp for cat travel.

re: pic? not sure if this poor cat is like WTF Why are you giving away all my stuff? cat book sad cat

Book of cats FREE / open source I am writing.

communication : Cats are Women / Women are cats
It is my good fortune via my Cat Mother Faith, to have grown up with cats, and learn their language
cats helped this Dyslexic ADHD Aspbergers Autism Boy who lost his father at age 5. I did not intellectually know there was such a thing as "Non-verbal communication" until I went to UCSC

 Cat Words
Listen to your cat. In time you may distinguish tones. At the very least attend to your cat when it talks. that cat may walk you to their area of concern whether food bowl, water bowl, or other area of play or concern

 I love you
Talk to your cat

Daily New Hand Towel or Pillow case or handkerchief on each cat bed
After shower I dry with a hand towell/ let dry 1 day, then lay on Cat Bed day 2 then into wash day 3.
Pillow cases cover other cat beds / houses. Scalable. in this way cat bedding is always fresh and clean
you could lay your daily shirt over other resting spots too for one day. in this way you stay ahead of flea eggs having any chance to complete their 8 day cycle.

alternate: simply rotate your pillows. In the 12 years I have been caring for my mom I simply Rotate her 6 daily pillows  onto 6 cat locations.
Toss yesterday's 6 daily cat pillow cases in the wash, rinse repeat recycle.

  CAT HOUSES a plenty
we have over 20 cat houses. Most are tall solid wood carpeted climbing structures we provided for our 1 year old cats in 2007 so as to strengthen their muscles and skills.
I did this to keep my mom happy, to keep the cats in her living room / Tv / Recliner room so she could have buckets of kitty joy.
When Living room became her bed bound room from 2014-2019 all the better. Happy with cats. constant companionship :) love

  Cat votes for food of the day
Because abby still has yesterday's and today's cat food cans open, I lay them both lid off before her, to let her choose. Then I spoon some out on clean plate in several bite size chunks.

   Food plate
CATS are PEOPLE. Would you want to eat off a dirty plate with yesterday's cat food crust? NEITHER DOES YOUR CAT. Clean small plate every meal.

Each PILE of cat food CANS is on Separate BookCase at Floor Level. After each can I can leave the Empty by that STACK

ABBY THEN VOTES: she walks me to the scent of her daiy Vote This is how I learn

Today Abby Cat likes Pink Can of food. Yesterday it was Brown. Day before Pink. Green was last month. and last year.

Yes I pamper cats. Cats pamper humans. good trade

 Listen. Walk.
Cat will talk. Cat will WALK you to her area of concern: "oh look water needs topping off" "Dry food empty" etc.
we have 6 water bowls. 6 dry food bowls. 6 litter boxes. and all 10 dry cat food bags are at ground level so that:
In event of an earthquake or loss of human, cat can tear into bag s of choice. Several bags are opened and sealed. I just have extras in case of earthquake.

 Litter box
3 in bathroom for 2 cats. always have one more litter box than you have number of cats so they can choose
I take 2 showers a day: 1 to dress for day and 1 to relax body for sleep.
Having Litter box in bathroom allows me to Scoop litter while water heats up. Saves time, FRESH AND CLEAN.(Hint: soap is the first thing I grab in shower.


 Personal / not book (as are half of above content)
Green food cans when Faith was here. poor Abby. She reaches her paw out to me when I cry
she lays on my hands now to keep me from leaving house. I am all she has left in this world. She lost Faith 10 days ago.
She lost her Brother Nick last year and her mother in 2006 when she was one year old. Mom struck by Car at Desert Center, CA

Faith lost Lance when she was in Kaiser Hosptital where she got a staph infection L hip 2006 / 2007

We adopted Abby and Nick in 2007 when Faith was recovering. Best Loving Playful Affectionate Lap Cats ever. Super emotional and intuitive.

Poor Sweet Abigail. Faith was gone 32 days in 2016 and cats were sad. Now Faith has been gone for 11 days but may have caught me tearing up since Thursday so Abby likely senses Faith is not coming back.
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