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     WeAreChange / SAN FRAN is SCARY!
Insanity! I can’t believe what I saw in San Francisco

Antifa group calls for Trump’s head with “Make the Guillotine Red Again” posters 

     We Are Change 12.11
Why didn't Greta Thunberg plant more trees?! 
#YouTubeIsOverParty Is Trending! What Happened? And What Did Greta Thunberg Do??? 

     We Are Change 12.11
Luke Z Rudkowski is with Theodore Braidwood Irwin. 
#YouTubeIsOverParty Is Trending! What Happened? and What Did Greta Thunberg Do???

Google is sucking up personal, identifiable medical data, suppressing alternative health sites and health information 

     Jellybean Gen. 
What is really happening in Sweden, Greta? 

While this exploited child distracts the world, 5G is being quietly implemented
‘EXTINCTION REBELLION’ (XR) – ‘KEY POINTS’ BASED ON FACTS & SPECULATION, and a help guide on Understanding the Extinction Rebellion Movement, how it all operates a…

Greta Thunberg Named TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year 


Pennsylvania State Lawmaker Accused of Stealing Over $500K from Her “Non-Profit” Charity Intended to Aid Homeless and Drug Addicted People 
This is the price we pay when we elect Muslims to government office

See Sun Tzu chapter re: SUMO vs Aikido LOL

     What to do about coyotes 
Hazing and securing food sources are more effective solutions to coyote problems than killing
Wave your arms and Yell at Coyotes when you want to scare them off. That's not 1% as cruel as the traumatic act of relocating them, which could kill them.
     Gavin McInnes 
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