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     Truthstream Media 
What's Your Social Credit Score?
This is one of the most important videos we’ve made. Maybe that’s why we had such a hard time getting it up anywhere. Bitchute failed; took three tries on YT. Maybe I need a new computer. Please share this one.

RFK, Jr. discusses 5G in the above embedded video from the 5G Crisis: 
Awareness & Accountability Summit. Watch all 42 educational talks free for a 7-day peri... 

Just imagine what it is doing to your children's brains. 

Breaking down San Francisco's car break-in epidemic 
How bad is the auto burglary problem in San Francisco? We mapped every one of thousands of reported incidents from 2017 – and the relative handful of arrests. Here's what we found. 

FDA-Registered Lab Finds Alarming Levels Of Glyphosate In Major Food Brands 

     Luke Z Rudkowski 12.26 
Kevin Spacey What You Should Watch Out For? 
What You're Not Being Told About Kevin Spacey | We Are Change 

     Luke Z Rudkowski PHOTO
re: Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell / Bill Clinton / Rachel Chandler / Nat Rothschild / Donald Trump
Prove me wrong but the Epstein story is the story of the decade. 
     We Are Change 
Only idiots will believe this.
Narrative managers are trial-ballooning a new Syria narrative that is so breathtakingly stupid it needs its own article solely for the purpose of mockery.
White Helmets Founder Allegedly Driven to Suicide by Syria Skeptics
Narrative managers are trial-ballooning a new Syria narrative that is so breathtakingly stupid it needs its own article solely for the purpose of mockery. 

     SAVE the OWLS
Here is an 11-minute video with pictures and accompanying sound recordings of the Owls of North America - As best as I can tell, our back-yard resident is a Great Horned Owl (featured at about 4 mins 50 seconds into the video) but I also occasionally hear a Barn Owl (right near the end of the video at around 10 mins 50 seconds) Years ago I built a box to internet- recommended specifications and hung it in a likely spot in our backyard. It has since been gratefully occupied by all manner of varmints and beasties, but nary an owl as far as I can tell...
“I just don't understand how we allow the CIA and the CDC to keep doing business as usual. They're clearly terrorists.”
BOMBSHELL: AIDS was developed as a bioweapon and administered through CDC-approved vaccine trials that…
Did you know that, just prior to the HIV and AIDS epidemic that swept the American homosexual population during the early 1980s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment that's believed to have triggered it? Between the years of 1978 

Congress Quietly Continues Mass Surveillance of Americans

     JailBreak Overlander 
URBAN SURVIVAL TIPS: Moving through the Urban Environment in WROL. 

Klean Kanteen used on Walking Dead? and or Zombie Nation? forget… and Lost in Space. 
Note to Preppers: grab as many as you can at Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores etc. for when #SHTF

5G was never designed to be safe. A 1977 study on millimeter waves shows clear biological damage 2020: We are in Court Against the FCC; Time for Action.

     Mill Valley 
Bay Area city blocks 5G deployments over cancer concerns

     San Rafael
San Rafael residents take pre-emptive strike against 5G installations

Petaluma sets cell phone tower policy

List of Cities, towns, Councils and Countries that have Banned 5G - Smombie Gate #STOP5G #EMF
1/ Brussells :- is the first City to halt 5G due to adverse health effects.

     CAR privacy
Professional Hacker Reveals How Car Industry Spies on Drivers 
As information privacy becomes increasingly scarce in the world of social media, even car companies have begun collecting massive amounts of data on their drivers.  Don't plug your phone in to your car.
Tech columnist Fowler urged potential car buyers to ask their dealership about the vehicle’s connected services and if it is possible to turn them off. 

     Sergey Mikheev: 
Greta Thunberg is a Lunatic, Leader of a Worldwide Satanic Death Cult!

     Sovereign Man
Congress gives America a special Christmas present: higher taxes 
You’ve got to hand it to these people– Congress really knows how to bring out the holiday cheer. They have some sort of pathological need to pass the most absurd legislation at the VERY END OF THE…
Please watch Laundry on Netflix. Enough said!
Well now I know what the Impeachment Distraction was all about  Yeah, Thanks Congress.... for nothing! 

Worst narrative ending ever. Follow me on Bitchute: Follow me on Telegram: You ca...

     David Icke 
Telecom workers destroy cell towers to warn public of 5G dangers

     David Icke 
Issues of the year that are changing human society

     David Icke 
To Understand Sabbatian Frankism, Is To Understand The World - 
David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

     David Icke 
Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal
     Colin Flaherty 
REWARD: Earn $10,000 by answering this question for New York police. Who is attacking the Jews of Brooklyn?

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Exposing the Ongoing Cover-Up of 9/11 - w/guest: Christopher Bollyn 


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