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Economic Doom Loop Well Underway 
This means Social Securities 2032 projected demise is far too optimistic...and a significantly sooner failure is imminent.


Smart Meter Health Effects
#5G Meteorologists have expressed concerns for many years about radio frequency interference but the debate is becoming more heated in 2019 due to the FCC’s planned auctions and the upcoming World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) meeting. The WRC brings together nations every three to four years to update international regulations on radio spectrum usage. microwave sensors provide one of the most important datasets for forecasting. Without microwave sensor data, forecasters would not have been able to predict the path of Hurricane Sandy, which struck the Eastern seaboard in 2012, researchers said at the American Meteorological Society conference. 5G trumps weather in spectrum debate

     In Plain Sight 
Is 5g a military weapon? 

Wireless Health 

Cities Cannot Stop 5G Implementation 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says: Why is "the United States starting to slow down on fiber to the home, whereas the rest of the world moving is faster? Fiber to the home is cheap to upgrade to even higher speeds once it is laid, making it an infrastructure investment that will be good for decades to come. And its top speeds are already dwarfing even the loftiest 5G hyped assertions."

     Martin Pall
‘Totally insane’: Telecomm Industry ignores 5G dangers
Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus at Washington State, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss studies…

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field(EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them
I'd like to draw your attention to Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. Taken from his report titled "5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field(EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them," he states that:
"Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world." 
 5G technology is the "stupidest idea in the history of the world" says Washington State science prof

     InPower Movement 
“This is completely outrageous that we have private industry using public property to make money for themselves and in the meantime exposing us all,” said Doug Wood, the associate director of Grassroots Environmental Education, the New York-based advocacy group fighting 5G deployment.
Unlike traditional cell towers that are often far from residential and urban areas, 5G networks install transponders as close as every 200 feet. Some require boxes the size of small refrigerators that are affixed to utility poles and traffic lights.
New 5G wireless networks raise a host of health, siting concerns 

PDF summary document complete with links to references on the “downsides” of 5g and the Internet of Things (IoT). 
Please feel free to use this document in full or in part (no attribution needed) to inform local, state, or federal officials of why people increasingly think 5G and cell tower antennas outside all our homes is…well…just a really bad idea.

EMF Meter Cornet ED88T+ Tutorial
Building Biologist Oram Miller delivers a comprehensive tutorial on the use of the Cornet ED88T+ EMF scanning meter, available at, and he provides general education on EMF's three branches, Radio Frequencies, Magnetic Fields and Electric Fields (Dirty Electricity). Miller shows how to identify and fix unseen problems which are effecting your health.

 "Egyptian Streets" [quote]: "...and then they stole pieces of it. There is little to no background information on this, apart from the possibility that locals were afraid the mobile waves emitted could be harmful to their families and their crops.
Update: Incident occurred in a village in Qanater (Giza governorate). Locals protested that the tower was too close to their homes and so put their lives at risk.

     OKC '95
BEFORE OKC: governor's brother wrote novel about an OKC bombing, character: McVeigh.

Islam as it currently exists is incompatible with western society. 

FT. Knox and Why You Should Stack Silver Not Gold 

     California Crime Family
RENEGADE STATE: The Four Families Of California And The Private Company That Controls The Internet 

     Stefan Molyneux
‪One of the most horrible ironies is leftist professors screaming about “capitalist exploitation” while lying about the value of an arts degree to kids in order to destroy their enthusiasm for work and bury them in debt.‬
‪Red-eyed sophist vampires, the whole baying pack of them.‬

16 childhood vaccinations are mandated FOR NO REASON

     wildlife thiamine deficiency
Vitamin deficiency at the heart of fatal wildlife outcome?

“We found that thiamine deficiency is much more widespread and severe than previously thought,” Balk says. Given its scope, he suggests that a pervasive thiamine deficiency could be at least partly responsible for global wildlife population declines. Over a 60-year period up to 2010, for example, worldwide seabird populations declined by approximately 70%, and globally, species are being lost 1,000 times faster than the natural rate of extinction (9, 10). 

“He has seen a thiamine deficiency in several differ phyla now,” says Fitzsimons of Balk. “One wonders what is going on. It’s a larger issue than we first suspected.”

"Many of the sick and/or dying animals have turned out to be more or less thiamine deficient, as determined by analysis of different phosphorylated forms of thiamine, as well as the holoenzyme and apoenzyme forms of thiamine-dependent enzymes. It has also been possible to cure sick animals by thiamine treatment.”

"The biggest question of all is why this is happening in the first place. Among the hypotheses are a shift in thiamine-producing algae populations or exposure to environmental pollutants that interfere with thiamine uptake. “The biogeochemical environment is highly impacted by human activities,”

Why is gender dysphoria a social justice cause, when it could be a symptom of vast chemical pollution?

Or does that question answer itself?b

From Douglas Yates:

"In modern times, an increase in chemical production has led to widespread environmental chemical contamination that can 
affect normal hormone function in those exposed, particularly in vulnerable populations, such as children and pregnant women. 
Many of these identified endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which include pesticides and substances used in manufacturing 
a multitude of products, have been reported to interfere with thyroid hormone function, yet public health policy does not fully address 
the risks to vulnerable populations."

Brain disorders in children linked to common environmental toxin exposures

Psychosexual outcome of gender-dysphoric children

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria - a study of parental reports

Simply humongous🤔🤔🤔. Massive landslide in Beijing in the CHINA. Video #UNILAD

Islam as it currently exists is incompatible with western society. 

Vegan Cookie Dough (Gluten-Free)

CA "Arkstorm" Rivers, Floods, and Anamolies

     Jerry Howe
Is this what anyone with a usable brain would call fair and impartial coverage of the news?
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