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     What Is5G
Muppets: How We Feel About 4G/5G Small Cell Towers in Residential Zones
plants that keep bugs away

     Canadian Prepper
RED ALERT! Store Closures, Universal Basic Income and Robocops | Automation in 2019
     4 movies that predict the future
Demolition Man - All of the uppity flamboyant illustrious District 1 Type People over the untouchables below.
Wall-E = Bunch of Overweight individs floating around on hover chairs that don't need to do any work.
Robots do all the work. Everything is done for them. VR Gaming Aspect 10:45
Ellysium - only job left is building the robots which essentially police you. Buiding your own prison. 11:15
Dread - Crime is everywhere. Everything is Crazy. Everything is full automated. No Longer have police. Have Judges. 
Highly Urbanized. No longer have any organic space. Everybody lives in 200 story HighRises run by gangs.  11:30

Black state Senator says black schools are too dangerous.

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