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Faith is alive. - - - Fri Apr 5 Day 9 6pm - - -  email #13 

eyes closed but she can hear, and respond. she hears words / music. she feels gentle touch.

SO i put a pillow under her calves so her heels do not rest sore on bed / no pressure sore. told RN this

Ray, Tom, please do not squeeze Faith’s right hand where you see purple iv bruises ie upper left elbow etc. 

Faith is very responsive and f you are slow and clear, and offer soft subtle choices you can 

Listen for her YES. so easy     Playing off a laptop on maybe best as you can ask her 
“would you like to listen to Neil Diamond”
“would you like to listen to John Denver” take it easy take it slow. allow her peace and quiet. guessing hour on hour off or even half hour on and hour or two off. 

Best if she can rest. important thing is now she know we love and care for her. That is all that matters. 

Faith Playlist
Neil Diamond
John Denver
Judy Collins
Joan Baez 
Johnny Cash, 
Kingston Trio.
Herb Alpert
GrandPa’s Steel Drum Caribbean Music. you get the idea FireHouse 5 would help her think of her DAD. 

What did her Mother listen too? what did faith like as a child. would bring her 8mm silent films here but her eyes are closed

I am asking Faith if she would like to listen to Neil diamond. her “yes” is a small quiet “hmph” or micro soft positive grunt. 
if yes then i ask her before i play each song. if she says yes to that song. 

may do an album or 2 of Neil Diamond then ask her f she’d like to hear John denver. 
But First i will ask her if she wants a rest. 
indian nurses say yes ok to rest . ie hour on / hour off / or ? depends on individual. 
mom likes to rest and nap so do not want to flood her w/ too much. rest relax, music, repeat, tell her 

     Ray / Tom you may do the same? little visits are ok. love is all that matters.
on my next visit i may bring CDs cassettes of hers what ever i can find. again soundcloud may be better as it easy to ask her what she wants. 
you may do same? if you have any players CD or TAPE we can leave them in the room. safe space
 i will ask her quietly and carefully for each song or songs. so as not to over do it. 

i love you      hold hand gently. stroke hair.  
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