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- - - Fri Apr 5 Day 9 4:40pm - - - email #11 Faith does actually respond to my touch and speech now

Faith does actually respond to my touch and speech now. 16:30
Faith can hear and respond to touch. to words to love. to a stroke of the hair. 
she offers faint breath, a sigh, an exhale. only when i touch her or tell her i love her. 
though it is a soft utterance, it is clearly different than when you are not speaking to her and not touching her. 
so i told her i love her, that she has done everything she can do, a great job of raising 3 boys
and that i wish her to be in peace, to enjoy her journey, to let go when she wants. i love you
i kiss her forehead and say ‘Mrack’ Abigail loves you and she responds. as if Abby would head-but her with love

Indian RN was right. she can hear
Ray or Tom if you feel in any way that you were not able say goodbye to mom or to wish her well, 
she is responsive in this faint way now, and can hear and feel. 
also this lets the RNs and MDs know Faith has family who love and care for her
this i hope would encourage to keep treating Faith with kindness and comfort.

I learned this today because faith let slight vocal tone when I kissed her forehead.

MD said "she is not part of this conversation" so I assumed Faith was gone.

I had no idea. I wish someone had told me :) 

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