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     Stefan Molyneux
Mike Cernovich talks about his amazing lawsuit that brought Jeffrey Epstein back into custody for sex crimes against underage girls. 

     #WeAreChange re: Jeffrey Epstein
This Is MORE High Profile Than You Realize 

7/06/2019 -- Earthquake Update -- Major Southern California Movement -- M7.1 + swarm outbreak

Goodbye Dollar, It Was Nice Knowing You! s

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located!

     podcast #14 - Fighting the Word War

The FWG crew discuss the nature of the struggle we are engaged in and how it differs from other methods of gaining power. - Audio with video on BitChute 
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Fight White Genocide Podcast #15 - An Interview with Georgia Peach

In this podcast the FWG crew are joined by a very special guest, Georgia Peach, a former AM radio show host at KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. She is the first to take the message of White Genocide to the AM radio waves in Southern California and was deplatformed because of it. - Audio with video on BitChute
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Last Friday's earthquake could have turned Los Angeles into a radioactive dead zone.
Here's a timeline on the sorry history of Diablo Canyon:  
The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone

     SF, CA Coast of Pacific Ocean
The U.S. wants to dump 1.5 tons of rat poison on the Farallon Islands. Biologists say it’s for the best

The Twisted Meaning of Miley Cyrus’ “Mother’s Daughter”
In “Mother’s Daughter”, Miley Cyrus sings that “she’s nasty, she’s evil” while claiming that she’s “feminist AF”. Here’s a look at the twisted meaning behind this bizarre video.

Bad as he is, Trump is not (yet) as lethal as Barack Obama
Obama was indeed "the perfect front man for a cruel empire," as Paul Craig Roberts puts
it here, and as this new book argues.
Obama: Front Man for Washington’s Imperialism

NEW Enslavement of the Working Class (7)- Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Mr. Bobby Fischer 187 IQ with something to say 

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The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know 

Silicon Valley/Govt. connections - Absolute Must Read or you are in fantasy land

     David Icke 
#Soros and #Koch funding new ‘anti-war’ think tank— and we should probably be a little bit suspicious
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