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     Amazing Polly
You Are Being Groomed

     Ryan Dawson
Jeff Epstein Crime Map (Updated) 

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A Fact-Free Hit on a 5G Critic
Fabricating History on the New York Times Science Desk

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard Joins End The Fed Movement

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: LIVE: Alternative Media Comes Together AnarchoVegas

Mind-blowing segment on the Intelligence community's attempt to engineer society using mind-altering substances.
Haight Ashbury: Hippies, LSD, CIA's MKULTRA and Fascist Deep State-Families 

The NSA Gave Israel Access to All US Citizens' Communications Data, Leaked Docs Reveal 

Ellen Brown on hemp and FaceBook money;
   Jonathan Mark on Apollo 11;
        Ibrahim Soudy says Americans are living in a new Dark Age
Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2019.07.19

Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company 
Big Tech has Merged with Big Pharma
In addition to changing their last name, Ilhan's family did not have to answer the previously long-standing question about being communist sympathizers:
(In addition)Two years before, Congress, at the urging of the Clinton administration,** abolished the law requiring that would-be immigrants declare whether they had belonged to a foreign Communist party. The Omar family was able to move to America without that important element of screening.
**Apparently the US is seriously trying to destroy itself.
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