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WATCH NetFLIx “What Happened to Monday”

Tens of Thousands of Water Bottles Intended for Hurricane Victims Were Found in Puerto Rico Field

El Paso Shooter Conners Hated isis loved Antifa. Was a registered Democrat from Ohio. 
Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt - 8/4/2019
Posted: 05 Aug 2019 03:03 AM PDT

Conner D Betts Ohio shooter died 5 years ago… Mom Owns Cyber Security Company… go figure 
nothing to see here move along .,, trust your govt

Trump + White Supremacy 

     Colin Flaherty
Massacre message: White people really suck more than ever

YouTube begins banning critics of 5G cell towers to cover up the crimes of the telecommunications industry


USEFUL IDIOTS of Exctinctinction Rebellion are forcing this DEADLY TECH upon us!

     David Icke 
Telecom Construction Expert Offers Opinion on YouTube Video of Dead Bees Under #5G Cell Towers

     David Icke 
The world the 'progressive' (regressive) extremists want you to live in - short video clips a must watch

     Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 
Dr. Anthony Miller (former advisor to the World Health Organization) discusses some of the cutting edge scientific research on the correlation with cancer and EMF exposure. This is a very good one to share with skeptics. Dr. Miller has served as the Director of the Epidemiology Unit of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics, University of Toronto, Senior Epidemiologist.

     #EMF #Microwave #Radiation #Cancer #CellPhone #NukeYerBalls
OMG Season 1 Ep 5 of SEX EDUCATION on NETFLIX: 07:00
“I don’t have a (cellphone) did you know that they emit radiation and it can cause a cancer of the balls 
I Don’g want (?)Sperm” - Tom Baker (MeasleSperm? MisoSPerm?) inaudible? 

I wish I knew how to communicate with people: 
you don’t have to watch Walking Dead Season 1-6 or other end of world zombie flicks. but you SHOULD: 
Get Skills, learn how to grow food, locate or filter clean water, first aid, tools and supplies…

You Don’t have to use or have a gun. but you should: 
support the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta and human freedom

You don’t have to study Self Defense or Martial arts, but you should:
Dance, Swim, Climb, Bike, MOVE!  oh and
always wear smart shoes: can be running, athletic, climbing shoes. Never know when earthquake fire flood or disaster may strike.

8/03/2019 -- Massive volcanic blast 63,000ft (19km) in West Pacific -- GLOBAL UNREST

8/06/2019 -- MAJOR DISCOVERY -- Metals convert to plasma! Full Earthquake update West Coast USA

French Court Rules Against Utility #Smart Meters Because They Are Making People Sick

Birds aren't reproducing, plants aren't fruiting, in/near the eastern North Pacific Ocean

According to the "free press" in Alaska, Canada, and elsewhere in the USA, this
(a) isn't happening, and therefore (b) can't have anything to do with Fukushima—
which (c) is not still happening, either. 

ST. GEORGE ISLAND, ALASKA - 2018 (Key word: survivorship)


• Upon the crew’s arrival in May there was little snow present on Ulakaia Ridge and none present in other areas of the island. St. George community members reported that there had been little snowfall throughout the winter. 

• While an adequate sample size for thick-billed murres was attained, the majority of murres attending the cliffs did not lay eggs. 

• Very low numbers of crested auklets, tufted puffins, and horned puffins were seen on the island cliffs and in nearshore waters. 

• Historical least auklet crevices were poorly attended. A large effort to find new occupied crevices was made but only four were located. An effort was made midway through the incubation period to check the roughly 180 historical crevices in entirety, but no nests or abandoned eggs were found. Crevices that were added in 2017 were not well attended either. 

• Red and black-legged kittiwake nest-building initiation was late and protracted. The first blacklegged nest was observed in a plot on 24 June and the first red-legged nest was observed in a plot on 23 June. Many nests continually gained and lost material throughout the breeding season as they were sporadically attended, and birds were observed building nests through July. 

• Both kittiwake species experienced a fourth year in a row of near complete nesting failure. 

• Northern fulmar attendance on the breeding cliffs declined by mid-July and very few fulmars were observed attending the colony by the end of July. No chicks were observed this season, however adult attendance on the cliffs increased significantly by mid- to late August, with numbers on the cliffs similar to those seen at the beginning of the season. 

• Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum), which normally grows in large green patches during summer, fruited only in small patches around the island.

The big message of the two recent massacres over the weekend was delivered loud and clear thousands of times: White people suck today more than ever before.
It takes a lot of denial, deceit and delusion to ignore a New York Times story that says 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black.
But that is what is happening today. All part of the greatest lie of our generation: The hoax of black victimization and white racism.
Plus, what’s up with using that fairy tale to sell razors and tennis shoes?
All this in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

    Slow death by 5G (2)
Be sure to scroll down for Richard Gale and Gary Null's comprehensive survey
of the hazards of 5G. Please share that, and the powerful video linked just below.
Families injured by Verizon cell antenna testify before Sacramento City Council
for the 8th time since early May:
     Their story:
In December Verizon installed a cell antenna approximately 45 feet from my family's home as part of the 5G testing here in Sacramento. A month later my nieces came down with cold/flu like symptoms. A month later they were still sick. We began researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit. Our lives have not been the same since.
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