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Extinction Rebellion, 5G and Agenda 21 

Huge issue of child sex trafficking in US being ignored by Pres. candidates and MSM

Jeffrey Epstein Switched Out and Taken Away Before Death Announced
Read this before it disappears.
Exactly!  I saw the photos of the "dead" guy that do not match similar views of the real Epstein.  The noses and ears were very different.  "They" must really take us for idiots.  Too bad the prison guards didn't get the license plate of the van if there was one.  How could anyone believe he offed himself?  That's also why zero information was provided about his first "suicide" attempt.  It was another fake to prepare everyone for the "suicide" narrative.  I thought it was weird that Epstein claimed that someone had tried to kill him, and yet no additional information was forthcoming as if it was of no consequence.

     Colin Flaherty 
Chinese people in San Francisco getting guns to fight the fellas.
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