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Baker Beach North end SF Wed Thu

SF 74’ wnd 15

AUG16PreBurn with Goldcap (Sol Selectas) Open 2 Close at Private  Event SpacePublic · with GoldcapInterestedInviteclockFriday, August 16, 2019 at 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM PDT2 days from nowpin251 Rhode Island St

     Sat Aug 17
Sat Aug 17: 20th Street SF Block Party The free neighborhood celebration will bring an eclectic mix of music and entertainment, food and drink, and art to multiple stages along 19th and 20th Streets @ Bryant St SF

August 17 – 18: Polk Street Blues Festival

Sat Aug 17 + Sun Aug 18 
Pollination 2019: Regenerative Futures Summit @ Impact Hub SF 1885 Mission St, SF @ 15th ST NE corner. 
@}~}~~~ Join systems designers, environmentalists, and change agents for a 2-day symposium/hackathon.  

     Sun AUG 18
AUG 18 Sunday Streets SoMa 8.1811 · Sunday Streets SF 

     Tue Aug 20
Tue Aug 20 at 7:30pm Ever dined and played chess in a sawmill? Well, maybe it's time!!  All men welcome to attend ... Bughouse Chess And Dinner Club Oakland CA

     Sat AUG 24
Sat AUG 24 Phutureprimitive & MiHKAL at Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music 19:30-23:55
2367 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

     Sun Aug 25
)'()'()'( Sun Aug 25 - Sep 2 Black Rock City, NV

     Friday Aug 30 
Critical Mass Bike Ride 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero SF Bring Bike, Helmet, Costume! 

Robert Kennedy, Jr. will be participating in the online 5G Crisis Summit Aug. 26-Sept. 1

     SEP 2019 
15th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival- Deconstructing Myth with Truth,
 Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm, 
Grand Lake Theater,  3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance presents the 15th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival- Deconstucting a Myth with Truth.
This year's speakers, include Mickey Huff, director of Project Censored, author of many books, including, United States of Distraction-Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (And What We Can Do about It). and Mick Harrison of the Lawyer's Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.  
This years films include- "9/11 War Games," "The Secret Lie that Started the Afghan War," "9/11 Memorial Museum Officials Accept 'Truther Art' into Permanent Collection," "Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence Summary." 
Hosted this year by Bonnie Faulkner, producer of the "Guns and Butter Radio Show" and Peter B. Collins host of the "Peter B. Collins Show."
 This year's Film Festival is dedicated to Vic Sadot, singer, songwriter, truth troubadour, who passed away in October, 2018.  
The Film Festival will also be webcast live and archived by No Lies Radio. 
Updates and the schedule will be posted at

FREE Community International Peace Day Sat Sep 21 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

27 Sept FRI - Sun Sep 29 SF Map Fair17:30 · Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 

     OCT 2019
FREE! Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival 19: Oct 4-6, 2019 FREE! Golden Gate Park, SF 

Oct 4 – 6: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Sat OCT 5 DISTRIKT RETROSPEKT The Public Works 161 Erie SF 

Sun Oct 6: Castro Street SF Fair 

Sun OCT 6 11:00-18:00 46th Annual Castro Street Fair Market Street and Castro St, SF 

Oct 11 – 13: Fleet Week San Francisco

Sat OCT 12 Dusty Rhino Afterburn The Public Works 161 Erie SF 

SAT 19 OCT-20 OCT Burning Man San Francisco Decompression 2019: Black Top City!  
Sat 19 Oct at 14:00 – Sun 20 Oct at 02:00 at Potrero Power Station, 420 23rd St SF Do not leave valuables in car.

Fri Oct 25 Critical mass bike ride HALLOWEEN COSTUME edition 5:30 PM @ Justin Herman Plaza; Market @ Embarcadero, SF
     Nov 2019
Nov 2 7pm Día De Los Metros / Day of the Dead, Bryant @ 24th ST SF

November 2: Dia de Los Muertos – Day Of The Dead Procession and Festival of Altars

     Dec 2019
SantaCon 2019 Sat Dec 7 2019 NOON @ Union Square then Evenings @ A: Grant and Green SF and B: Polk St SF

Sat Dec 7: Santa Con

     FESTIVALS CALifornia 2019 

)'()'()'( Aug 25 - Sep 2 Black Rock City, NV

The Jackrabbit Speaks V23:#25:8.4.18 Health & Safety Edition 

Consent, Sexual Misconduct & Zendo

Burning Man - Fuzzy Philippe's Burning Man Tips

A: Cruiser or Mountain Bike. PlantTrees’ top 3 or 4 tips / short list. 
B: lots of large Hats to avoid sun by day. 
C: multiple drink holders on your bike for many Coconut waters or what ever your hydration may be and 
D: new may wah grocery 707 Clement St, SF Btwn 8th and 9th Ave. South Side of st, corner of 8th. (415) 221-9826
$20 + $1.20 CRV for Case of 24 16.9 oz (1/2 liter) Cans of T.A.S Coconut Water. Ingredients: Coconut water.
this is a better deal than
Golden Veggie Market on SW Corner of Polk / California SF
@ .99 cents each, and NO TAX and NO CRV if you ask for "JJ" special

thanks to Brad Olsen of for finding this BARGAIN! Y'all let me know if you find it CHEAPER anywhere else. thanks.

Burning Man coconut water Mountain Bike

     tips / PlantTrees’ MEDIUM list. 
TIPS for CAMPING : CHECK your OIL, Coolant, ATF before you DRIVE! Put your BM )'( ticket in your GLOVEBOX BEFORE you DEPART…! MAKE a SPARE KEY for you car today. HIDE somewhere under car.

Bring all your old bike INNER TUBES. they are HANDY for strapping things DOWN!
Bring all your old razors if you shave… save them up all year, as the playa dust will destroy the razor each use. So do not waste new razors out there.  

Free Mountain Spring Water (Chlorinated) at Donner Pass Rest Stop, Donner Chevron, BoomTown Chevron, BoomTown Cabella's Sports behind the Dog Wash Kennel… etc.
Bring EMPTY 1 and 5 Gallon Bottles. Save your Engine and Tranny going UPHILL over Mountain.

BRING CARDBOARD for DOORMATS y'all. you can burn them later if clean or compost if dirty. helps with rain and mud. you can shower over cardboard too. EVAPs better than the evap ponds which folk inevitably dump on playa come sunday / monday post burn DOH!

DARK sheets and / or TENT fly or Parachute etc. for your SHADE placed EAST for rising sun etc. Find East by NORTH STAR at NIGHT. Big Dipper acts as CLOCK to show 10pm 1am 4am etc. Sky gets light at 4:30am.

BIG HATS for SUN Chevy's Hat, Sombrero. MULTIPLE drink holders on your BIG TIRE cruiser or Mountain Bike to hold Many Coconut waters:
new may wah market 707 Clement St, SF Btwn 8th and 9th Ave. South Side of st, corner of 8th. (415) 221-9826
$20 + $1.20 CRV for Case of 24 16.9 oz (1/2 liter) Cans of T.A.S. Coconut Water. Ingredients: Coconut water.
this is a better deal than
Golden Veggie Market on SW Corner of 1475 Polk st. SF @ California St T.A.S. .99 cents each, and NO TAX and NO CRV if you ask for "JJ" special = $24 for case of 24

thanks to Brad Olsen of for finding this BARGAIN! Y'all let me know if you find it CHEAPER anywhere else. thanks.

Other Burning Man Tips from Scott Munson

	1.	 "WATER for Burningman! from Scott Munson BurningMan at planttrees dot org Travel light uphill, then fill your 5 gallon and 1 gallon water bottles at DONNER REST STOP, 20 Miles West of the CA/NV border. Donner rest stop is just before Donner Lake, which is before Truckee. Donner Summit is right after Boreal Ridge going towards Reno on Highway 80. There are several campground type faucets that you can park right next to!  (PL 2012: Spigots were present but no water when I stopped)

	2.	CAR: For sure change your oil. Check your engine coolant. For sure Properly inflate your tires. Check your Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF) I travel with a quart of ATF and a quart of oil in easy reach in my car.

	3.	I always check my fluid levels (Oil/ATF/radiator) Before I go uphill towards Santa Cruz or Tahoe, or whenever I notice any loss of power."
     END )'()'()'( Burning Man events listings. Drink water. JUMP IN WATER to decompress: Recommend: Sierra Hot Springs! Lake Lahontan / Lake of the weeping mother / Fremont Lake or Pacific Ocean if Baker Beach is warm on your return.
In my 20 years of consecutive BurningMan attendance I learned that SOAKING in a HOT TUB or HOT SPRINGS or lake / river / Pacific Ocean prevents post burn depression. 
HOSE THAT PLAYA off your BIKE CHAIN and let sit in sun for day or two. THEN OIL THAT CHAIN when dry! 

)'( upto 10K peeps howweird 5-10k, Folsom St Fair 10-20K. 
)'()'( maybe 10K 15K or 20K peeps DykeMarch
)'()'()'( 70/75/80K happy campers mostly in costume @ Burningman 
)'()'()'()'( 100K people @: A: BayToBreakersSF B: DykeMarchSat(10K)+PrideSundaySF100K C: 4thOfJulySF D:HardlyStrictlyBlueGrass
These then are the only 100K people FREE PARTIES in SF. Sadly 4th of July lacks costumes but offers clusterfck traffic
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.