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Los Altos, CA Unanimously Denies All 4G/5G Cell Node Appeals 
After substantial pushback from Los Altos residents, all 13 cell node application appeals submitted by 
Verizon and AT&T were denied by the city council on the basis of " insubstantial evidence." Read the news here
This sounds like something that can happen elsewhere.

     Mobile Phone vs Steel Wool 
How Your iPhone Will Damage Your Brain 

     How fireworks harm nonhuman animals 
Fireworks and other explosive materials affect animals who live with humans, whose reactions we can easily see. They also harm many more animals in urban and wild environments. Nonhuman animals can… 

     We Are Change 
"You don't touch kids ever again, the man said. "Don't touch kids, you pervert!" he continued, to which Biden shook his head. 12.30 
Wow! Jewish leader calls out the FELLAS for black on Jewish violence.
Is this a sign of the Apocalypse? Jewish leaders actually call out the Fellas for black violence against Jews. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty. 2020 
A man pulled out a shotgun at a Texas church service and fired on worshippers Sunday, killing two people before he was shot to death by congregants who fired back, police said. 

KTLA 5 Morning News Anchors Get Redpilled  
KTLA finding that red pill a little hard to swallow.  Yes, along with reinstating mandatory healthcare on every legal California resident (again), and now giving illegals FREE healthcare, 
California wants to fine you $1000 for every day you use more than 55 gallons of water per person starting January 1st 2020! 
$10,000 for every day during drought.
Thank you Gavin Newscum!

What Is All The Spying Really About - The Dark Truth About What's Happening 

If this does not SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU/MAKE YOU IRATE, you are a zombie. Can anyone possibly watch this and STILL trust the government??? Trump? Good lord. Wake the fuck up already

33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

Pentagon 911 was a weird trap where they hide most all the evidence and then let the truthers ARGUE over whether it was a Missile or 747

Sandy Hook has similar contradicting evidence. 

Unfair to blame that on truthers WHEN Govt Routinely OBSCURES and COVERS UP 

PEARL HARBOR. FDR knew 12 days in advance. 
GULF of Tonkin. McNamara admits it never happened. 
911 ZERO CAMERA PROOF of any 747 @ Pentagon!   PS: Where are the Wings? 1000 pieces of evidence for US and israeli govt foreknowledge and complicity
Boston Bombing
London 4 bus attacks. all 4 cameras Failed! HA! LOL! SMH! 
Mumbai 7/ 7 etc. 
93 World Trade Center Bombing. Bomber in COURT asks: “WHY did the FBi insist on using REAL Explosives? They Said this was a Drill!”
1995 OKC Bombing. ALL CAMERAS PROMPTLY removed by FBi. See: “OKC” A Noble Lie” Documentary on YOUTUBE
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