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     Asymmetry Aluminum Autism Correlation
Dr. Andrew Moulden's Tolerance Lost: Part 1 of 3 - "The Problem"

Where The Great Reset Will Take Humanity (With James Corbett)
Mark Petrakis 
Here's the short clip with James Corbett from the end of an inteview he did w/ Dave Cullen. I think Corbett's comments here are spot on. Time is moving fast. - the clip is at the end around 18:00 - Watching Pastor downloaded Facebook and block it I’m sure that when you listen to it you’ll be just totally shocked at how innocuous and philosophical it is… we don’t care anymore we don’t say anything people just don’t say no… Of course they’re going to keep on driving us into a corner… Is there not good people they do not care about freedom or justice or what’s good for you or me. Never have, never will. 

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My moms flight got delayed. I asked why... she sent me this. PS: you got any more of those Bath Salts / Flakka?

The Alternative Media w/ Farren Shoaf – December 12, 2020
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     #ENDtheFED $$$
THEY OWN you / it’s a big club and you Ain’t in it!” ; George Carlin

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DNI Ratcliff must deliver his report on foreign election interference no later than December 18th. Guess who was hanging out with President Trump at Army/Navy game today? Yep, no other then
. They're gonna bring the HEAT!

2 1/2 Jump E-bikes Salvaged from American River Free (auburn) 
I am a scuba diver and I have salvaged some Jump bikes from the American River at Discovery Park.
I contacted Jump 5 times over the past couple months and they do not want the bikes.
I told them where the bikes were in the river and they never went to get them.
So later, I pulled them out of the river myself. I have video record of where and when I retrieved them.
2 of the bikes are fully intact but the 3rd was obviously cut up and some of the parts stolen.
I pulled them out of the river because I felt that they were an environmental hazard. (Batteries and all).
I thought that Jump would be honorable and come take their bikes off my hands. But they obviously do not care.
So I am hoping that someone can use the parts for something. Maybe the batteries are still good or the parts can be used to build a sculpture. Here's hoping.
Please contact me through the CL email system. I will get back to you ASAP.
Thank you for looking.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.