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Do you really understand how big this is?  BIBLICAL! 
Maxwell is often downplayed as JEFFERY EPSTEIN'S "girlfriend."  
👉🏼 Her father was "suicided" newspaper baron Robert Maxwell, who was connected to KGB, MI6 and Mossad. A SPY.  
👉🏼 Ghislaine Maxwell is a certified SUBMARINE PILOT. 
👉Ghislaine Maxwell owns SUBMARINE company TerraMar.  The TerraMar Project was non-profit company that Ghislaine Maxwell started in 2012. Jeffrey Epstein and various other high power financiers funded the venture. The company described itself as an ocean conservation group but it shut down by 2019 over sex trafficking crimes stemming from Epstein’s arrest.
👉TerraMar had immediate support from globalist organizations including the Clinton Foundation. Maxwell attended multiple United Nations (UN) meetings and even spoke the council as the founder of TerraMar. Ghislaine and another man from the company’s Board of Directors, Scott Borgerson, spoke in Washington DC at a special event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.
👉Little St James island, JEFFERY ESPTEIN island, was an old British military base before Epstein purchased it. It has nuke proof bunkers under, and metal tunnels and also an underground port for submarines to dock. 
👉🏼 Who knew that Joe Biden owns an island near Epstein Island that is also near a submarine base? 
👉🏼 Who are the VIPS blackmailed by Ghislaine Maxwell? 
👉🏼 Was Southern District of NY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman stonewalling the case (like he buried the Weiner Laptop) before being removed by Barr? 
👉Ghislaine Maxwell has 7 living siblings. Two twin sisters, Christine & Isabelle Maxwell also have deep supporting roles in the US Government. The two twin sisters are behind various software deals all of the CIA, DIA, and DEA intelligence databases. It was called Magellan, but later was bought and renamed to Excite. They created software used to identify money laundering and trafficking. Financial information from private businesses is put at risk. Foreign powers should not be allowed to have oversight of critical data. The software package takes multi-format data sources and connects to the National Counterterrorism Center and compares with the Department of Homeland Security, CIA, NSA and Pentagon. It’s impossible to know if there are backdoors or vulnerabilities built into the program.
👉Alexander Djerassi, who is Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew, was a high-ranking official in Hillary Clinton’s State Department.   HRC put him in charge of foreign policy regarding the Arab Spring and the Israeli-Plastinain peace talks. From 2009 to 2012, Djerassi was chief of staff and special assistant in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering U.S. relations with Arab states, Israel, and Iran.
👉The Maxwell family has drawn scrutiny for its association with the Bronfman family, which counts NXIVM child trafficking cult benefactors Clare and Sara Bronfman as members. 
👉  The Raid to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell was MASSIVE.
50+ people comprised of 24 FBI & UNIDENTIFIED Operatives (READ: Military) in 15 vehicles.
They monitored her for 4 days prior with Spy Planes & Drones then went in hard with a No Knock Entry.
👉Where are Ghislaine's MUGSHOTS?  Or is she a WITNESS? 
👉What presidents, politicians, and billionaires could she testify against?  I'll name 3 = Obama x Clintons x Gates
👉So there would be a ton of "VIP" names that aren't going to be on the flight logs because a submarine has no flight logs.  Is that how some VIP's avoided the FLIGHT LOGS? 
👉Mother Theresa's connections: Baby Doc Duvalier,the Haitian dictator, Charles Keating, Robert (father of sex trafficker Ghislaine) Maxwell. And here’s the kicker! Mother Teresa opened the D.C. based Home for Infant Children with none other than Hillary Clinton.
👉 Rachel “Ray” Chandler-Guinness is another “Madam” tied to the Jeffrey Epstein and his Pedophile Island.  You can see her at 16 with Eminem, at 14 with P. Diddy, and has ties to others like Paris Hilton, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell, Richard Gere, and many others. She was also the stylist for Hillary Clinton when she was covered in Vogue Magazine.  
Here is what Trump thinks about Hilly-Billy Clinton & Jeffery Estein Island back in 2016 before the election!!!!!!
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