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We’re live: How Google’s trying to form relationships with our kids by warning them that we’re monitoring their account.

The Great Reset: Pope Joins Rothschild Coalition To Redefine Capitalism!

Luke Z Rudkowski 
Unbelievable! They're Trying To Stop Trump From Sending The Troops Home!

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Antifa’s Portland autonomous zone has a militia who are armed with semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.

#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    
#Antifa = Anti First Amendment 
#Chaz  = Crack Heroin Amphetamine Zone
#CHOP = Crack Heroin Opium Pills    
#BLM #Antifa #SOROS #ARSON #Terror #Mob #SoyMalia #TofuDishu #Antifastan #Anqueefa
#SoyVietUnion #WOKEaDISHU #Chazmania #Portland #Seattle #Eugene

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
The antifa Red House autonomous zone continues to grow as it is now in its fourth day. Militants continue to build new border check points further and further out to buffer the area. The zone is now three blocks long. Graphic: Oregonian

     WASH DC
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James Klüg   @realJamesKlug 
NOW IN DC: Proud Boys clash with BLM in DC. Multiple injuries and arrests.

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DC: Multiple brawls break out between patriots and Antifa/BLM on the streets of DC tonight Many BLM and Antifa have retreated behind police protection as a result #tatumreport #drewhernandez
Millie Weaver   @Millie__Weaver 
ATTENTION: Antifa & BLM plan to disrupt tomorrow's March for Trump in Washington DC! Our insider has obtained & leaked their communications to law enforcement. They will not succeed! The MAGA turnout is expected to be massive! #MarchForTrump #MillionMAGAMarch #WomenforTrump

#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    
#Antifa = Anti First Amendment 

How to Legally Decline a Vaccine
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