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     Ice Age Farmer Friday Apr 3 21:53 
States Ban Sales of Seeds - Meat Packers Closed - Food Shutdown 
     Max igan thecrowhouse Friday Apr 3 24:49 
Covid-19 The Real Pandemic is Mass Brainwashing & Media Lies 

- - - - - Thu Apr 2 2020 

How We’ll Beat The Coronavirus : EVERYONE Should Wear A Mask!  7:04 

     Please Wear Mask in Public and stay Healthy To Reduce CHAOS, Draconian Gov’t OverReach and Tyranny.
When you are hiking or biking alone in wilderness and avoiding people then you may not need a mask. But you should 
Avoid Bus, Plane, Train, Carpool, Elevators or Enclosed spaces with other people. in close proximity to outsiders you should wear a mask, take care
Suggest Gloves and mask when goto Grocery Store, etc. Be Safe.

Luke Z Rudkowski Thu Apr 2 12:52
The Bigger Troubles Ahead You Need To Take Seriously!
Navy Hato new video. While things look bad in the US, in Europe they are looking at a world of hurt falling down on them. The Euro as well as their Union looks to be disintegrating at light-speed. Join me in an hour, I'll be there. 

Kerry Cassidy and Laura Eisenhower... powerhouse video!!! 


Watch asap before taken down!
5G and Coronavirus Exposed by ex Vodafone Boss

'Covid-19' And 5G - What's The Connection? - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Leaked US Intelligence Report Accuses China of Deliberately Lying About Coronavirus Data
The report, which was leaked to the media, revealed that the US believes China deliberately tried to conceal the extent of the outbreak. 

     Stefan Molyneux 
China's Global Conquest! Jack Posobiec and Stefan Molyneux - LIVE! Bring your questions...

Daily Digest 4/2 – Evidence Indicates Healthy People Can Spread Virus, How To Make Up For Lost Time On COVID-19 

Meanwhile in China.....

Our overlords intend to see ALL teaching move online

Britain goes Chinese—as the US is also doing, albeit (so far) incrementally, 
and through its corporate surrogates, with Facebook/Google/YouTube/Twitter 
variously cleansing our faux-commons of what they call "misinformation,"
meaning any facts, images and/or theories that contradict, or just diverge 
from, the State Narrative. 

However dangerous COVID-19 is, this blackout on all dissident material
is far worse. 

We need 2nd opinions when WHO and CDC tell us for 2 months to NOT WEAR MASKS. We must free our media so we do not suffer from TOP DOWN Propaganda which kills our family and our neighbors. Free Speech is American. WHO and CDC are compromised. We need to address that in all public and private forums. To Save Lives. 

We should support our and other GOVTs when correct. And Correct them when they are wrong, or cause harm. To Save Lives.

Our Governments FED STATE COUNTY and CITY are parroting health and behavior advice from WHO and CDC.
When WHO is hijacked by China and Tedros Adhanom, we must act to save the lives of our families, friends and neighbors

Actually, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, et al are currently being sued for NOT allowing free speech on their platforms. 
They are being sued for acting as a Publisher of content, rather than as a provider. Actual human neighbors are facing death today as our Social Media are hindering free speech. 

dirty filthy kaiser hospital giving humans who knows what diseases.

Kaiser will reproduce and amplify any disease
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