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Robert Griffin 
3 hrs 
Am I misunderstanding or did the Trumpet just ban the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and their families from immigration while also revoking all their real estate in the United States?
Not only did we take their stuff.   But also blocked the assets & everything related to anyone assoc w/ them, directly or indirectly, including corps, schools, & businesses, etc (ALL)- past or present
CCP (China) owns about $1.1 trillion of our dept and somewhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 acres of land.
Trump is enforcing w/ the full weight of the Fed Gov as a National Emergency
If you or any DEMOCRAT collaborated knowingly or knowingly with CCP - you’re screwed
So if any of the Governors on the “friendly with China list” that Secretary of State/CIA "ArchAngel" Micheal Pompeo has — are found to have ties, then this could be incredibly good news huh?!!
Here is a clip of Pompeo WARNING governor of China list of US governors of what he's knows about infiltration
This includes the distinct impression I have regarding Gov. Newsom's recent $Billion+/- deals with CCP on behalf of (and at the expense of) citizens of the once great state of California! 
That was basically an act of war. Trump just sucker punch China and the deep state in the gut. There's some heavy shit going on behind the scenes.
Guantanamo Bay Ordered To Prepare For ‘High-Level’ American Prisoners.
Googles fucked
Twitters fucked
Canada's fucked
Diane Feinstein fucked
Gevin NewSome fucked
Nancy Pelosi fucked
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