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     PJW Paul Joseph Watson 
Dindu Nuffin   @Mr_Nuffin 
Candace Owens is Suing the 'Fact Checkers' #ZuckSucks

     WASH DC 

Jorge Ventura Media Retweeted 
barely informed with elad    @elaadeliahu 
At least one proud boy stabbed after random lone protester fights with multiple proud boys. This protester was the only one around in a mob of a few hundred pb’s and fought with one prior to this video starting and him brandishing a knife

Jorge Ventura Media Retweeted 
Mauro   @mauricioxgomez 
BLM/Antifa allegedly stabs 2 Trump Supporters. #WashingtonDC

AntifaWatch Retweeted   ELIJAH SCHAFFER   @ElijahSchaffer 
BREAKING: Antifa black bloc violently confront MPD by throwing water bottles and bricks at them amongst other projectiles At least one officer was visibly wounded in the attack. Further confrontations ensued but the violence ended when riot police came

Police retreat out of BLM plaza as black bloc protesters hurl projectiles at them

Luke Rudkowski   @Lukewearechange 
Only pathetic coward punks sucker punch someone

Adam Gray   @agrayphoto 
Sequence of shots as a member of the #ProudBoys is stabbed during violent running street fights in #WashingtonDC tonight #DC #DCProtests

#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    
#Antifa = Anti First Amendment #DC  #Million #MAGA #MARCH
FOX 5 DC @fox5dc Sat Dec 12 
BREAKING: DC Mayor's office releases preliminary info on today's protest activities: at least 23 arrests related to protests, including: 6 Assaults on a Police Officer, 10 simple assaults, 4 Riotous Acts. At least 8 taken to hospital inc 2 police officers

Election Steal and the Toxic Jab
Powers & Principalities Episode 181

Anthony Duckworth commented:
New website for local communications and prep for standing against lawlessness
I am passing on this website that I was introduced to last night created by Ammon Bundy (if you know who that is) and now has 10’s of  thousands of members who are networking at their local levels to create a response team for making lawful and constitutional stands against tyrannical government overreach in this covid19 nonsense, or ANY other threat to freedoms and rights. Please check it out and begin to build your own local net so we can be ready for the next few months…
	1	Text the word “rights” to 80123 for a link to register with the People’s Rights group that has an impressive website that we are implementing in our area.
2. You can also go to and signup there as well. This breaks down all states and counties into sections where people are linked who want to be involved together in an easy and useable form.
This is a great tool for rapid response where any of us, businesses, whatever who are being threatened and harassed by government. You can simply be a team member, or register to be a local area assistant or other to begin to make this work.
Time to stand up and be responsible for our rights…
Jeff Maehr
Pagosa Springs, Republic of Colorado
Real eyes realize real lies
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