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A: Tue May 26 13:44 
Holy Cow YouTube Got Caught With Its Pants Down With Communist China! 

Who Is Bill Gates?! MUST SEE Documentary By James Corbett on Press For Truth!!

Ice Age Farmer   @IceAgeFarmer   May 21   18:39
This video describes the UN IPCC Land Use Reportís recommendations: 
#EndOfMeat, #FoodWasteTax, and the imposition of AI Food rationing leveraging social credit score ó 
ALL are rolling out NOW. Understand: GLOBAL FOOD RATIONING: You Have Been Warned

Market Update: Comforting Lies. Friday May 22 44:54 
     Luke Rudkowski Friday May 22
Meanwhile, not a single soul used the $21 million taxpayer-funded field hospital built in a no-bid contract! 

      HighImpactVlogs 4:51 
Staten Island Shoppers Gang Up on UNmasked Woman! 

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     Brenden Casey 4:44 
Sheep to the Slaughter... Reclaim Your Mind... Please Share. 

54:45 The WeatherMen - IPOT Presents - 6.21.19

Stop Censoring Us, Big Tech!
Joe Roganís $100 million move to Spotify sends stark message to YouTube
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