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Explore the anarchy, chaos, and the hidden origins of the violent AntiFa movement. 

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
“Hey hey! Ho ho! Fauci has got to go!” Protesters in NYC demonstrate against new lock down restrictions. Video by

Gerald Celente   @geraldcelente 
"Bra Burning" in the '60s for Women's Rights - now we've got "Mask Burning" in 2020 for Everyone's Rights. 
Dahlia Dark @DahliaDark 
San Clemente 10:01pm 

This is what they would do to us if we didn’t still have our guns.
#Germany has fallen. Their government passed a law REMOVING their Constitutional Rights. Police can now enter their homes for any reason. They have lost the right to assemble. It looks like hundreds of thousands are protesting in #Berlin

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Covid19 Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost
Published on November 19, 2020

Things China Doesn't Want You To Know   @TruthAbtChina 
Some workers at Shanghai Pudong International Airport tested positive for the coronavirus, so they tried to force thousands of people into the parking garage for mandatory testing. The people weren't happy about it. Many escaped. November 22, 2020

James O'Keefe   @JamesOKeefeIII · Nov 20
Never forget that a current @Google employee was caught on undercover video claiming that the tech giant was “playing god” in the search results to favor @JoeBiden. #ExposeGoogle 
Posted on 18th Nov 2020 by Tony Gosling ­ 3 Comments - 
YouLube censored - BitChute Pfizer/Moderna mRNA Vaccine: "Your Own Cells Become The Virus" Immunologist;

Part One – Covid-19 Scamdemic Casedemic Latest and Investigations: Tony and Martin joined by Dr. David Halpin, former orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. Suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly and Iraq’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction . Anomalies about Covid 19 and testing, and what Dr. Halpin’s doctor friends think of the government reaction to Covid 19

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MCM A few of these I have sent out already.

From Kathy Dopp:
Social unrest is the inevitable legacy of the COVID pandemic
November 16, 2020

20,000 people out on the streets of Leipzig [Germany] last Saturday. Flouting all rules, about 90% of the marchers refused to wear masks ... demonstrations this year, in Germany and dozens of other countries... The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has counted more than 30 major protests in 26 countries between March and October just against coronavirus restrictions....In Malawi, street vendors have marched with signs saying “We’d rather die of corona than of hunger.” The citizens of Ecuador have rioted against coronavirus policies that threaten to impoverish them
Rural California is divided, armed for revolt. What’s the matter in the State of Jefferson?
By Ryan Sabalow, Lara Korte, and  Jason Pohl
Updated October 26, 2020
Governor Forced to Back Down as Citizens Stand Up to Threats of Arrest Over Mask Order
Families rebel against punitive care home Covid rules
Desperate relatives face sanctions for attempting to visit the elderly
Tory MPs and human rights activists UNITE as Boris faces growing revolt over COVID rules
HUMAN rights campaign Liberty has joined the growing chorus of opposition to the Government's lockdown strategy amid street protests against lockdown and increasing dissent among Boris Johnson's own MPs.

Read more here:
Supervisor Desmond leads revolt against COVID Restrictions on businesses
David Ross | on November 17, 2020
LIVE: Protests against 'global security' bill continue in Paris
•Streamed live on Nov 21, 2020

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept
•Nov 20, 2020

Boris facing Tory REVOLT as MPs furiously reject looming Covid crackdown after December 2
BORIS Johnson is facing a major showdown this week with scores of Tory backbenchers threatening to rebel against new coronavirus restrictions.
By By David Maddox, Political Editor
PUBLISHED: 00:10, Sun, Nov 22, 2020

New York Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Cuomo's Thanksgiving COVID Order

By Rick Moran Nov 18, 2020

Covid: Protests take place across Italy over anti-virus measures
27 October
Berlin police forcefully disperse protest over virus rules
By DAVID RISINGNovember 18, 2020
Protests over responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
2020 United States anti-lockdown protests
[KD: my slightly changing last words]:
Recall, less than 4% of the population are high-risk for serious Covid-19 cases (*but 60% of nursing home residents are); there are 99.3+% effective treatments for at-risk persons when taken early after symptoms appear. (Quercetin, or quinine, or hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Vitamin D & C) The spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus cannot be stopped; people develop immunity upon infection that makes any future infection with another SARS-Cov-2 mutation milder; PCR positive tests are mostly false positives and *not* correlated with infectiousness; and draconian, damaging "stop-the-spread" measures are aimed to enrich vaccine & pharmaceutical makers and their investors and pharma-media. I have *not* seen one (1) human controlled trial showing that face masks are significant to reduce viral spread.
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