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     FUN short VIDEO
Lol “they have the best customer service”

"Everyone Should Know This Before It Is Deleted" - They Don't Want This Out 
Thank gawwwd people are calling this shit out 
Robby Starbuck on Twitter 
“This is amazing, who made this? I have a job for them if anyone finds them.  

WAYFAIR | The Deeper Connection 

Sargon of Akkad @Sargonofakkad
10017h·I spoke with tragula about the Demoralization of the West and what can be done about it. 
Total Perspective Vortex 25 Sargon of Akkad on Demoralization

Epstein Victim Maria Farmer Speaks With Whitney Webb, Full Phone Call – Part 1
Here’s the FULL interview with Maria Farmer and Whitney Webb. Holy smokes! She goes deep and names names. Clinton etc. and calls out the zios. from the original source:

- - - - - goto for more 

Luke Rudkowski We Are Change Sun Jun 12 
“Extremely Worrying”: 87.4% of Discharged COVID-19 Patients Have Symptoms Two Months Later
55% have more than two symptoms...

We Are Change 15:59 Friday Jul 10 2020
🚨🚨🎥NEW VIDEO: The Big LIE Surrounding The Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest
Here’s why Maxwell’s arrest is a psyop...

     July 9 2020 50:08 D614G 2nd Strain from italy is far worse. 
 Yes, You Can Get Covid-19 Twice. We may be living with this virus...forever 
And it could be that folks who’ve already had China Strain could still be vulnerable to more virulent and lethal italy G strain. 

A Serious Message From Chris Martenson 
Time is running short to brace for impact 

Trump Partners with Gates & GAVI to Fund & Distribute Vaccines

Mayor de Blasio bans all large gatherings in NYC, except BLM protests (and Wolf Blitzer replies by asking him about the US Open)
This means that black people (at least in New York City) can't catch COVID-19, 
and, therefore, aren't infectious.
So why should they be among the first to get that COVID-19 shot?

The war on cash is actually a war on free humanity

Here, first, is a piece by Catherine Austin Fitts from three years ago, about a 
troubling story Aaron Russo told on InfoWars eleven years before. Fitts' piece
is a fitting preface to "Here's What No Cash Actually Means," which came out

These are no mere paranoid ramblings. Check out this breathless item from the
Business section of last Sunday's New York Times:

The full interview with Russo, all of it worth watching, is here:

     Truthstream Media

The Isolated Individual & the Crowd Beast
New video up at Truthstream.Right now.  32:36 Thurs July 9 2020

According to the Palo Alto Coronavirus Report below, noncompliance with public health orders is a "misdemeanor" in Palo Alto; However, Palo Alto police officer agreed orders cannot be enforced by police.  Police officer said these are public health orders, not "misdemeanors"; whoever, wrote this coronavirus report does not understand that.

     Anne B
I was never afraid of the virus, but I am becoming afraid of the government's agenda and our seeming inability to influence public policy.  

I just called the Palo Alto Police Dept. The officer was very nice and seemed to be in agreement that the mask order is obnoxious.  However, he did agree that the police cannot arrest anyone for non-compliance with public health order violations.  He agreed they are not laws.  He suggested that I talk to grocery store managers to find out what orders they feel they must follow and what possible consequences there could be if they don't.  I'm glad to know I cannot be arrested for not wearing a mask, not social distancing, etc.  He agreed that shopping has become very unpleasant.

Palo Alto Coronavirus Report, July 9

Reporting Public Health Order Violations
We know this is a challenging time. Those wishing to report a public health order violation are welcome to call the Police Department’s 24-hour dispatch center at (650) 329-2413. This includes any type of public health order violation, including construction complaints, social distancing complaints, non-essential business complaints, and complaints about businesses that fail to post their “Social Distancing Protocol” for public viewing. Our Police Department’s primary goal is always to educate first and ask for voluntary compliance. While violations of the public health order are misdemeanors, making arrests continues to remain a measure of last resort for the Palo Alto Police Department. It will only be considered after all education and voluntary compliance efforts have failed.
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