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     Navy Hato 
Premiere at 8pm EST/5pm PST new video that looks at the incredibly event filled first two months focusing on coronavirus, the economy and how the dueling between Russia and Turkey and the Turkish opening the the gates and flooding of the EU with migrants in response. Starts in 2 hrs. I will be in the chat taking questions.
     Truthstream Media 
Why, Oh Why, Is Poop So Pervasive in Pop Culture Now?? 

     Stefan Molyneux #coronavirus 16:40
The Truth About the Coronavirus - PANDEMIC? 
"The coronavirus epidemic could spread to about two-thirds of the world’s population if it cannot be controlled," 
according to Hong Kong’s leading public health epidemiologist, Prof Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University. 
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain updates you on the latest news on this radical new health threat. Is it time to panic? 
Hong Kong: Fight For Freedom!

     Ice Age Farmer 
THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: "Severe Disruptions" 

Premieres in 12 minutesFebruary 26, 12:00 PM 
Scared of the Truth? [Part 1]: https:...
Watch Justin Deschamps New Series 'Into the Storm' here: Coronavirus: Why is China Scared of the Truth? [Part 1]: 
Identity of Patient Zero and Severe Censorship [Part 3]Watch Justin Deschamps New Series 'Into the Storm' here: Coronavirus: Why is China

     SensiblePrepper #Survival #Prepper #SHTF 
15 Items Every Prepper Should Horde for SHTF 

Free and CHEAP stuff when Garage Sales Close down at end of day. Go and Gather. Stock UP!

#Prepping #Thrift #budget Budget Prepping : Thrift Store Haul

EVIL TWITTER has removed for TRUTH telling videos about Fascism in China
Sadly Archive does not cover? unfortunate as that was the BEST SOURCES posting 10 videos per day of 
China welding entire apartment buildings shut with people trapped inside, etc.*/

     James Munder 
This is a HUGE conclusion! watch til the girl who gives the breakdown! i think this could be the truth. 5G beta testing!
Credit: Dana Ashlie

It’s pretty clear now that this is a manufactured “epidemic.”
Definitive proof that Coronavirus is a globalist bioweapon
CORONAVIRUS was funded and patented by Wellcome Trust (UK, fake sold to GlaxoSmithKline), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DARPA, DEFRA (UK), World Health Organization, European Commission (EU)… 

Coronavirus and supply chain disruption
P&G warns 17,600 products possibly hit by coronavirus 
P&G used 387 suppliers across China, shipping more than 9,000 materials.

     We Are Change 
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 
The 5G Trojan Horse: What You’re Not Being Told (Documentary)
This 96 minute documentary exposes the truth behind the global “Race to 5G” and the corruption between the Big Wireless industry and the U.S. government.

Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland and Our Hearts Explode

The Catwalk Shelving System

DIY Cat House - 5 Tips How to Catify Your Home For Cats

Building a Custom Cat Tree

DIY Cat Ledge

Build your own cat tree.
USE full LENGHT of any wood you get. DO not CUT vertical wood. Cats WANT TALL!

Huge 6ft Tall Cat Tree Homebrew DIY - aka "The Tower"

DIY Cat Scratching Post | TOUGH + DURABLE

2.5Meters/8Ft DIY CAT TREE, NO DRILL, UNDER $60!

DIY catwalk on the wall in the cat room part3, the wall beside the tower is completed

Kratzbaum selber bauen - DIY Kratzbaum - Kletterwand für Katzen - Catwalk

7 tips for DIY cat shelves and walkways | Cat Chat with Heidi

DIY Cat 
Help! I need to move 2 months from now. from Palo Alto to SF $ very flexible / fluid. could be $1k/Mo $2K More? really unknown.  

Would love to find an SF garage hopefully near Baker Beach SF . or btwn Baker Beach and Castro, so could be Castro, Buena Vista, Richmond Dist, UCSF, …. Cole Valley, NOPA, Haight, Presidio

Main attraction for me = Baker Beach, Castro offers lots of fun sidewalks, cafes, etc places to meet folks. Central. so that’s the zone of interest, though Dolores Park would be nice too, Duboce Triangle etc. 
Would love a CASH arrangement. Open to many possibilities. Networking around this would be a major incentive for me to get to SF, to BUG, etc. to schmooze… thanks. 

Garage. Rent. Trade. Chores. ElderCare. Maintenance. Construction. Garden. Landscape. Paint. Carpentry. Auto. Fetch. Errands. Driver. Gopher. Runner. HandyMan. 

Would love to use garage to show folks how to make FREE CAT RAMPS w/ NEW CLEAN PlyWOOD scrap and NEW CLEAN CARPET SCRAP from NEW Construction Dumpsters

     Feb 28 Friday 37:37 
When It Comes To Protection From The Coronavirus, You're On Your Own

     Feb 27 "IT'S ALMOST TOO LATE..." 30:00 HONEY BADGER VIRUS: You just can't put this thing down. 
Coronavirus Situation Is Quickly Going From Bad To Worse.
Get DeWalt Construction Goggles

     Feb 26 Wed 32:31 
Coronavirus Containment Has Failed

     Feb 25 Tue 36:03 The Self Evident Stage
The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All
     Coronavirus Update from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity 
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