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    My Daily Green Drink: 2020.03.06 and / or 2020.01.05
Water Filtered by Berkey. 
1 Fresh homegrown Organic Lemon Cut in Half then Stabbed and Squeezed into 2 pint glasses x 2 per day = 4. + lots of Clean Canteens of water on the go. STAY HYDRATED!
Lemon is Anti-Viral, AntiBiotic, Alkalizes Body, prevents Cold / Flu and illness. TRUE Miracle Food, so are Garlic, Red Onions, etc. great for Cold / Flu. 
Black Pepper makes Turmeric / Curcumin 2000% more bioavailable
Local Organic Honey. Thanks to

     Extra Credit: because yes
Organic Ginger freshly sliced and finely diced. Chew and / or swallow. Ginger and Cilantro MUST be organic as they soak up everything. see also: for Dirty 12 / Clean 15 List
Organic Beets Sliced and Diced. They sit on bottom of glass all day turning water Red. Chew and / or swallow at end. Thanks to free source. Grow your own!
Green Drink powder from Trader Joes or other. TJs = Organic Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass etc. powder contains Bentonite and 62 Trace Minerals
Oh how I miss my Shasta Water. Zero Water Filters or R/O may be better than Berkey. Those then are the 3 BEST Options after natural Spring Water to be Fluoride Free.
I really like the Magnesium BiCarbonate Spring Water from Adobe Springs, CA, SE of Livermore or NW of Patterson off I5
I really like the Spring Water from HWY 29 btwn Adobe Springs, CA, SE of Livermore or NW of Patterson off I5

Lemon, Chlorella, and Spirulina each on their own remove:
Heavy Metals
from your body. 

Lemon pulp floats on top of glass. Swallow do NOT CHEW as Acid Lemon Destroys Tooth Enamel. Rinse mouth with Water after Lemon Water. 

     GARLIC for Cold / Flu
AT 1st Hint of cold or Flu, when I feel a tingle in my sinus, I crush, peel, slice and dice cloves of Garlic, put water in mouth, Garlic, Swallow, Chase with Water, that way no burn! WORKS WELL! NO COLD! NO FLU!

AT 1st Hint of cold or Flu I take a nap, avoid Fluorescent Lights, Dairy, Sugar, Processed Foods. NIps that Cold or Flu In the bud most everytIme! Try It yourself soon. GET THEE some local organic GarlIc

What do you enjoy in your yummy drink? 
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