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A     Stefan Molyneux 

B     Secret Agenda Behind BLM  
The Truth Factory Jun 20, 2020 21:44

C     Discussing The Great Reset With James Corbett 
Computing Forever Jun 30 2020 46:32

D     COVID 911:The DEEP STATE insurgency 
Watch this video to gain an insight about why the world is in chaos right now.
This is the perfect tool to clear up any doubt to those who still donít ďtrust the planĒ 
POTUS has been ten steps ahead of all the DEEP STATE actors and their attempt to throw the world into chaos and bring in their dream of The New World Order.
They canít stop whatís coming
Patriots Are IN control

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Geopolitics & Empire Jun 10, 2020 25:54 
Edwin Black: The Algorithm Ghetto, Cashless Society & Newgenics 

Tina Marie Simerly
Pedosta's Ping Pong Pizza Pool Party  
~Just a reminder, the head of cyber security for Citibank was arrested for thousands & thousands & thousands of kiddy porn material & production & distribution, some ultra sadistic horror stuff, has been added to the charges. He was a frequent flier Disney theme park ultra frequent visitor. This story is bigger than Epstein in my opinion & all the media is keeping people focused on is bullshit in comparison to the magnitude of this arrest. Its completely being buried & this should be worldwide news, but keep pretending racism is the biggest problem our society has. As soon as I can, we will be releasing the arrest report & I guess we will see if little lives matter very soon. Remember this name....... James Aubrey Lott is #bankersgate .......the missing piece that ties it all together.

     Stephan Molyneux
He is / was well known philospher now less known as he is currently being memory-holed a la George Orwell 1984 efforts of YouTube which has gone down hill and become more authoritarian / tyrannical since it was taken over by Google

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." [ Remarks on the first anniversary of the Alliance for Progress , 13 March 1962]" - John F. Kennedy
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