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Observation Deck  Jun 14, 2020 #WTSD 
The (Undercover) COVID Epicenter Nurse Exposes NY Hospital

Friday Jun 19 50:35 
The Fed May Be Worse Than Covid-19 

     Thu Jun 25 Gulf States Get DUSTED! 
Massive Saharan Dust Cloud to impact the United States next week

Cure For The Common Life with Joseph McClendon III 

Gill Bates finally gets real 3:46 Vault C13
Bill Gates finally tells the truth. Animation

     Tim Pool 27:51 Wed Jun 17 
Far left Rioting BACKFIRES As Armed Counter Groups Strike Back, Regular Americans Have Said ENOUGH 

BLM warlord, Raz from CHAZ, is filthy rich; supported by Islamic government in Dubai; owns Tesla, BMW, Jaguar etc.
If Trump doesn't wake up pretty soon, the US is finished with a nary a peep.  
Raz from CHAZ was caught on camera committing Felony Assault therefore he can NOT own a GUN!

reallygraceful Jun 12, 2020 12:31 
Something Strange Is Happening in Seattle 

Surprise...! TERRORISM IS their NEXT move...!
Armed Antifa group declares “Everywhere a battlefield” 
#Chazmania #Portland #Seattle #BLM #Antifa #Terror #Mob #SoyMalia #TofuDishu #Antifastan #SoyVietUnion #Chaz #WOKEaDISHU
Antifa has got to be the MOST FORTUNATE Terrorist Organiaztion on Earth. 
The Fact that they’ve been killing people and Maiming them for life over the past 5 years NonStop 
Bashing innocent people over the heads fracturing their skulls with Bike U-Locks, Baseball Bats, SkateBoards, Pipes, Clubs
And did not get shot until only this week? That’s almost 2,000 days they got away with that gross violence unchecked! 

NOTE TO HUMANS! if you do not want to get SHOT then do NOT bash someone over the head with a skateboard
when you are chasing that poor someone down in the street as part of an unrelenting mob threatening to kill that person. Okay? 

     BLM Antifa Terror Mob 
Antifa tries killing man who wasn’t quite ready to be dead. 
Hard to say what really went on here. Unclear who provoked who. Do not agree with violence. On either side. However, if you’re being whacked by a dude with a skateboard while a mob approached saying they will kill you. ???

CHAZ Tourism video
How long can this mess last?  What a bunch of incompetent idiots. Thu June 18 13:52
You've gotta watch this Bolton clip Tue June 16 11:35 
Uh Oh... What In The World Is China Doing Now??

 The Man Who Predicted “Mayhem” In 2020 Ten Years Ago Says A Civil War May Be Next

     Patrick Timpone June 17 2020 1:16:43 
Trump is a Pawn in The Coming Financial Crash, June 17, 2020

     Patrick Timpone

     Patrick Timpone
WARNED ME 10 over Years ago NOT to get a Root Canal because that causes Lifelong Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to 
Low level chronic infection in the gums and that causes LifeLong suppressed immune system / weakness. Kid You Not. So Thankful. 
i am free and healthy now thanks to Patrick Timpone. Skipped the Root Canal, Skipped the implant. 
Now i have been super Healthy all of My life, including the 2000s and 2010s after i had my Mercury removed and avoided Root Canal and implant.

Jesse Lee Peterson Los Angeles


Stefan Molyneux Tue June 16 1:30:56 

Colin Flaherty/John Derbyshire are LIVE! Join them!

Stocks Soar On Report Trump Planning Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Stimulus

Video of the Day: White Uber Driver Threatened By Armed CHAZ/CHOP Terrorists
#Chazmania #Portland #Seattle #BLM #Antifa #Terror #Mob #SoyMalia #TofuDishu #Antifastan #SoyVietUnion #Chaz #WOKEaDISHU

VDARE TV 31:26 #SocialDistancing
Social Distancing w/ Colin Flaherty Hosted by John Derbyshire - LIVE (6/17/2020 @3PM)

     Friday June 19 2020
How many children has creepy uncle pedo joe fondled in the last 78 days? #PEDO #PedoJoe #JoeBiden #PedoPhile #Molestor 

It's been 78 days since Joe Biden held a press conference.

Playing Jenga with Cats
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