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A:     Millennial Millie 22:28 Sun June 7
Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned Mon June 8 12:38 
The REAL Issues That Need To Be Addressed 

- - - - - Sun Jun 7

B:     Project Matrix Watchman 16:40 
WH CODE CASTLE_ROCK HIGH ALERT: Million Man March "They Intend To Take Out The White House" 

C:     Brick-Slayer 11:52 Jun 7 2020 
Protest Riot Destruction Damage Aftermath Minneapolis Lake Street 

D:      Avi Yemini 19:46 
This is the only BLM protest video you need to see

E:     What Is Really Going On? 
Join Ben, Rob, and John DeSouza as they dig deep into the rabbit hole of 2020. #ANTIFA #Obamagate #BlackLivesMatter #HillaryEmails S...

F:      Protest Commentary
 The Truth Factory Jun 3 2020 11:34 

     Sky News Australia 26:57 
Full Special Investigation: Donald Trump vs The Deep State

     Spiro Skouras 22:04 Sat Jun 6 2020
The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order  

Joe Rogan gets high on his fantasy of white crime. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty. 
Why are Intel, Pepsi and Cisco giving BLM millions? Cuz big business wants to kill mainstreet ma and pa

- - - - - Sat Jun 6

     Akkad Daily 9:57 
#BlackLivesMatter Has No Case in Britain 
UK knife crime: 42 a day......... They took away the guns from good people. What could go wrong? 

     BLM Antifa THUGS Kill TREES
BLM Antifa THUGS Cause Global Warming
USA now getting covered with Plywood.  Where does Plywood come from? 
Whatís the Carbon Footprint in the 1st Week of June alone from all the BLM / Antifa Looting / Riots and Fires from 1,000s of torched Lots?

     BayArea925 4:44 
RAW Looting Footage Walnut Creek, CA (Please Read!) 

     The Daily Wire 4:02 
THIS Looting Video Deserves an Academy Award 13:24 Sat Jun 6 2020
Police Arrest Journalist After Mob Attacks Him! Mob Rule Is Now The Law?

Dan Dicks Assaulted Then ARRESTED After Being Attacked By Group Think MOB!!!
GoFundMel ➜ 
On Friday June 5th 2020 while covering a black lives matter rally in Vancouver Dan Dicks of Press For Truth was ... 

the_wake_up_q 7:15 
Qanon Vs Antifa 

BLACK THUGS MATTER! 4:20 @ Golden Park SF was LOST forever as a Free Open FUN Fest
Due to BLACK THUGS THROWing bottles into every flare up, every scuffle, every focal point.
Now we see the same @ LONDON ENGLAND 17:47 
This Is #TheGreatReset. You Have Been Warned. #NewWorldNextWeek 

     Corbett Report Extras 57:34 
"There Are Fates Worse Than Death" - Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes the Injection Fraud 
Thank You James Corbett & Catherine Austin Fitts! 

SEEK iPhone 6 + or 6S + on SF Peninsula 
Help! Anyone @ Palo Alto, SF or Peninsula or ? SouthBay? or EastBay? have an old iPhone 6 + or 6S + no longer used? 
My ATT Phone May be Dead today so Seek either an ATT phone or an UNLOCKED. Can Pay Cash or Trade Or ? What you need? What You want? 

UN Agenda 2030 (may explain the current crises)
Buckle up your seat-belt.

     Agenda 21 Agenda 2030
Computing Forever 1:10:31 Jun 5, 2020 
The Endgame Agenda (With Fiona Marie Flanagan) 

Coeur d'Alene, ID #2A Ready for LOOTERS from Spokane WA USA

     Declassified With Gina Shakespeare 8:19 
How Antifa and Other Far-Left Groups Exploit the Protests for ĎRevolutioní 

     The Officer Tatum 9:05 
Defunding the Police Will Destroy America 

DIVIDE & CONQUER: Destabilization Of America Through The Enemy's Eyes (Yuri Bezmenov Clip & More)

     $ Market Update: Stampede! 40:20 
May's highly-suspect jobs report sparks a buying frenzy 


     Project Veritas Infiltrates Antifa: 
"Practice Things Like An Eye Gouge...Injure Someone's Eyes" 
June 5, 2020 
     PART II
Project Veritas Video Inside an Antifa Fight Training Session

     10:50 USA LOOTERS and THUGS 
MAYHEM IN AMERICA: Riots and chaos engulf New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC
Top Ten Signs We're Living in a Police State 
It should no longer be hard to see where this nation is headed, or more aptly, where it has arrived. Even those blinded by partisan ideology can easily see the dangerous steps being taken -- they just convince themselves that the one making the moves has "the right intentions." Yet even if that is true, consider what might be left for the next individual to step into the omnipotent position that is being created. As the saying goes: "The road to hell is always paved with good intentions." As intent is very important, especially today, it cannot be that which blinds us to the cage being built around us, or maybe more appropriately, the cage being reinforced around, above and beneath us.

     Stefan Molyneux, MA @StefanMolyneux 
To all the victims of male violence - especially black women - I am so sorry that the world is weeping and wailing over the death of a man who jammed a gun into a pregnant womanís belly and threatened to murder her and her baby if she didnít give him money and drugs.
Just remember: Health "experts" and politicians confined you to your homes for 3 months, destroyed your businesses and hurt the economy, only to turn around and support radicals and rioters. These people are not on your side.

     if you goto a protest and you lay your hands on a COP 
Youíre gonna have a bad time. 
Thatís what happened in Buffalo NY. 
in America, AKA USA, you may NOT touch any stranger: thatís ASSAULT. 
DOUBLE BAD if you touch an officer: thatís ASSAULT on an officer.
Also SHUT THE FUCK UP and Stop Saying that all 57 cops that were there that day should be fired. 

Double DUMB:      if you goto a protest and you lay your hands on a COP and interfere / obstruct them when they are walking on dutyÖ
OK YOU ARE DUMB. Oops you got pushed away, because you are dumb. oops you feel down, because you are dumb.
Oops you hit your head because you are dumb. OOPS you are bleeding from the ear, because you are DUMB. 
YOU ARE DUMB. TAKES 2 TO TANGO. COPS ARE Marching on duty and you are so high and mighty that you are gonna walk into them, 
lay hands on them, and magically change their mind to stop marching? OMFG you are DUMB 
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