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SITUATION UPDATE - Nov. 21 - How the MASS ARRESTS will go down

Sidney Powell has "smoking gun evidence" to PROVE massive election fraud in the next two weeks 
By healthranger // 2020-11-21

James O'Keefe   @JamesOKeefeIII 
Brave insiders witnessing wrongdoing in Big Tech, Media, Government, Education, Big Pharma, Wall Street, NGOs, etc can change the world. If you are witnessing corruption, Be Brave. Do Something. Contact Project Veritas 24/7/365 and blow the whistle

We Are Change 
 HOLY COW! Theyre Going For TOTAL Control!
China's Xi Jinping is pushing for a global COVID-19 tracking system using QR codes.

merkley??? Retweeted 
Courtney Holland @hollandcourtney 
Miles of cars honk and drive around Gavin Newsoms neighborhood after the 10pm curfew to protest. Californians have had enough.

? This is actually Wawautosa, Wi where a curfew is active for violent protests. ? 

Andy Ng   @MrAndyNgo 
Exclusive: I have unmasked the identity of the #antifa member who was filmed using mace in an attack on a conservative pro-
rally last week. Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, has called for comrades to kill me.
Andy Ng   @MrAndyNgo 
Isabel Rosa Araujo, a trans 'Latinx' Portland antifa militant formerly known as Philip Haskins-Delici, has an antifa tattoo on her chest. After I was beaten last year by antifa, she made numerous posts calling for comrades to shoot me. Read my report:

Andy Ng   @MrAndyNgo 
Reos Ribs, a restaurant in Portland, was destroyed in a fire overnight. It is next to the businesses that were vandalized last week by antifa. The owner gave an interview where he was critical of that vandalism against his neighbors.

Where were these guys for the riots???
This is how the far-left is taking over America. Breaking it down from within, American vs. American. No foreign invader needed. Using the virus to become a police state. Next step martial law.
Geez, all the kid had to do to get off was throw a brick threw a nearby window and chant some jibberish!
What part of Venezuela is this from? Wow, glad I dont live in a country like that.
Resembles those early videos of China thst were leaking back in February.
You have a better chance of dying during the arrest than you do from the COVID threat they're arresting you for.

Perhaps that last YouTube was from MAY? seem to be 100s of them, but the above was not on the 1st 100
Youre Under Arrest! Curfew!!+Curfew!
Mark Dice   @MarkDice 
ABCs   @JonKarl
thought all the camaeras were off, so he removes his mask while still in the White House briefing room, proving for the millionth time the media hacks are the ultimate hypocrites.

Andy Ng   @MrAndyNgo 
A female social worker in Seattle was stabbed to death. She was a caseworker at an apartment building that houses people who were homeless.
Andy Ng   @MrAndyNgo 
Antifa in Portland are calling for comrades to organize their own riots this Thanksgiving in order to dismantle white supremacy & capitalism. They give tips on risk assessment & how to scout areas out for attacks. #Antifa

Mayor Wilhelm "Bill" de Blasio setting up COVID checkpoints to catch and fine travelers violating holiday quarantine restrictions
Start spreadin' the news,
No leavin' today...!

James O'Keefe   @JamesOKeefeIII 
Dr. Stephan Robar, a Professor at
told his student not to cite
work as "evidence" and to "do all you can to avoid relying on this crap" I spoke to him about it not long ago... What ended up happening was hilarious...
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