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     AwakenWithJP 5:17 
Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer 

Bush, Clinton, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack and U.S. governmental drug dealing
The ruling elite is mafia. George Bush, Jeb Bush, Bill, Hillary Clinton is the mafia. They run the cociane industry.
They should be in prison. 

The Clinton Body Count 
There are several websites currently displaying the list of those who knew too much about the Clintons for their own good: 

Clinton body count 

Bush Clinton body count

     Ammon Bundy 17:29 
What are Governors Planning to do with our Children 
Children Emergency Quarantine Facilities 

- - - - - 1 day email - - - - - 1 day blog 2020.06.05 13:21 Friday June 5
You Are Being Bamboozled 
In this video, we cover breaking pandemic news and how the war on racism is comparable to the war on terror. 

June 4th Day 133 52:34
Too Much Damage Is Being Done | Peak ProsperityAs we've been warning, long after the virus subsides, it's going to…As we've been warning, long after the virus subsides, it's going to take years -- possibly decades -- to recover from the wounds covid-19 has inflicted.

Jun3 2 Day 131 40:04
 Is Covid-19 Over?Is a new surge ahead? Or have we beaten this thing?

     Virtual Martini 23:21 
Steve Bannon announces Federal State of New China 

     HRC has the shakes: Kuru disease due to Adrenachrome
Hillary Clinton Won’t Talk About Elizabeth Warren Meeting But Will Talk About Chai 
Mental and physical lack of control of her body as she’s taken over by her involuntary bobbing head 

     OH CANADA! 
Trudeau pauses for 21 seconds before answering question about Trump's response to U.S. protests  

      Taylor Raine 4:10 
CDC "guidelines" for reopening schools this fall will only help make our schoolchildren sick, and drive them crazy
Wearing masks for 7 hours a day? No recess? No physical contact? No cafeteria? One-way halls? 
If the CDC planned purposely to weaken kids' immune systems, they couldn't have done a more effective job. 

MindSmash good analysis and slo mo. so you can learn self defense

How To Prevent IQ From Declining. MindSmash 1:13

9:44 Now playing“The Great Spiritual Forces Within You” -Bruce Lee - MindSmash 9:44

     17Anon WWG1WGA Follow The White Rabbit 2:58:07 

     B: George Floyd   Re:   A: Stephen Molyneux re: Excited Delirium
Standard Practice for criminals to say “i can’t breathe” when they’re caught. NOTE: BLM
Standard Practice for criminals to Play Dead, or play passed out or play Possum until they get a chance to BOLT
They had no reason to believe he was dying, he was just violently fighting the cops moments earlier
One of the reasons you don’t lie to cops is that they may not believe you later when you say you can not breathe
They’d already called the ambulance as he was High as a kite and uncooperative. 
they could not know that he could not breathe due to a heart attack at that moment. 
George Floyd had unknown damage to his organs due to Sars-Cov-2
We can Discount the Knee on the back of the neck because there was no strangulation, no asphyxiation
He had told them he had Corona Virus so the cops could NOT give CPR. Could not do mouth to mouth or Chest Compressions. 
yes he Had Caffeine too. could also contribute to Heart Attack. 
Knee on neck restraint has been used for years by Knee on Neck Restraint.
Our whole system is set up with the model that whites are pretty compliant with police and other groups are not. 
When Cops find a guy who acts like he’s on PCP and is a dangerous violent threat to the community your options are limited. 
Tox Screen Showed: Fentanyl 11 Cannabinoids, Methamphetamines, Opioids and Fentanyl.

- - - - - 1 day email - - - - - 1 day blog 2020.06.04

     A: Stephen Molyneux re: Excited Delirium
George Floyd Passed a counterfeit $20 Bill that was still WET!
He was Passed out in his front seat high on Fentanyl and Opioids 
George Floyd Resisted Arrest and Did NOT Cooperate before and after he was out of the drivers seat
George Floyd had Foam at the Edges of Mouth. Reached up, Reached back and tossed a small bag of white Powder.
George Floyd Refused to Cooperate and tells cops he Claustrophobic. Saying you can’t get into a car because your Claustrophobic is a lie. 
Repeat FELON w/ History of Drug Abuse lying to cops and being non-cooperative.
Most Suspects w/ Excited Delirium dead before ever make it to hospital. Due to Drug Overdose. Cardiac arrest / Pulmonary Failure.
Store Owner already had offered to George Floyd: Just give back the cigarettes and you can drive away. (Cigs bought w/ $20 Fake Wet Note)
He Told Cops he was sick, Told them he had Corna Virus. They could not let him go. He was Violent as Dangerously High.
if you are a cop and someone fights you and runs…. an escape person who runs and goes on a killing spree is a danger to community
Everybody in car new they were busted for passing a FAKE $20 Bill for Cigs.
Join me NOW - MASSIVE updates on the George Floyd case...
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