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     IT'S EXPONENTIAL! Feb 22 26:45 
Coronavirus Cases Doubling Overnight In Many Countries

     Feb 21 23:46 
Coronavirus: The Pandemic Is Accelerating Worldwide

     Feb 20
Feb 20 The Social Upheaval Caused By The Coronavirus Is A Symptom Of The 'Fourth Turning'

     UH OH Feb 19 35:31 
Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially
     Feb 18 25:53 
Coronavirus Pandemic: The Next Two Weeks Are Critical

     Coronavirus Update from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity 

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     “pandemic denialists.”
Japan activates global suicide mission, begins releasing thousands of potentially cross-infected cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo starting TODAY Feb 19
The Elites Want More Power Over You as China's Virus Spreads 

     WeAreChange Feb 18
Whoa! They're Really Going This Far??

      Akkad Daily
Expect more violence from Bernie's campaign.

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     Spiro Skouras 9:36 Feb 19 2020 
UN Troops Featured in World Military Games in Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak 
In this report we take a closer look inside the World Military Games opening ceremony held in Wuhan China weeks before the Coronavirus outbreak. 
Is it just a coincidence that a UN themed pandemic simulation of a global coronavirus outbreak took place the same day, 
as the UN themed opening ceremonies in Wuhan, ground zero for the outbreak? 
We also examine which nation will fill the vacuum now that the worlds biggest economy has been crippled by the outbreak.

     Close To True	`
Carnaval Princess Death Cruises have trademarked “GHOSTship” as their new line of DEATH Suicide Boats. Only Kaiser Hospital is more deadly than a Princess Cruise

Make THIS go viral. Professor Kentaro Iwata, a specialist in epidemics, was able to get (sneak) on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Just watch the video. 
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