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Understanding the Fabian Window
Lew Rockwell, January 22, 2020
The following video was produced by Truthstream Media
In the video below, Truthstream Media discusses one of the most dangerous and ideologically insane root organizations of modern globalism and the "new world order" -- The Fabian Society.  The Fabians are notorious for their obsession with incremental tyranny and the erasure of individual and national sovereignty.  Though other organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations have now taken over at the forefront of the globalist effort, the Fabians were the foundation, the beginning of the modern push towards an everlasting totalitarian empire ruled by the elites.  Understanding their history and tactics helps us to understand exactly what is taking place today.  The "Brave New Word" is being established now, and it must be stopped...

     Truthstream Media

5G researchers BLACKLISTED/SHUT DOWN | MONEY vs SCIENCE | CSTV 5G docu-link 2020 

     5g awareness 
Is the Stop5G Movement Being Hijacked?

     #thedodo #animals #dog 
Man Pulls Puppies Out Of Trash Every Single Day | The Dodo 
Snopes is a Hoax 

YouTube is censoring Transgender Regret Videos! An LGBTQ lobby is reporting vids to stop awareness! 

These teens flooded a drag queen story time and protested that DRAG QUEENS are "not for kids" 

     CA Homeless Camps Galore 
Hotel California 2019. Parody and Social message. 

All fluorides are "immediate danger to human life and health". 5mg is lethal. Fluorides bioaccumulate. See

Fracking is super cancery causes earthquakes pollutes the groundwater
Santa Clarita Diet on NetFlix S2 E5 (2019?)

Dutchsinse is THE PERSON who broke the news over the last 5 years that Fracking Causes Earthquakes but he has been Censored by YouTube FaceBook Google USGS et al and now last week 
Dutchsinse has been Disappeared 

     dutchsinse for EarthQuake ForeCast*/

First they came for the came for the Bill Clinton Mena Arkansas Witnesses of the Cocaine Import Agency
Then they came for the 100 Dead Microbiologists 
Then they came for came for Dutchsinse
Then they came for the truthers
Then they came for the independent media and nobody was able to report about it
Then they came for me and there was nobody left to help me. 

     How To Fool Facial Recognition
Changing a couple of pixels here and there can stump a computer 


Suziki = lightweight. USA cars = Too Many Tons. 

Cause of High Fructose Corn Syrup our people are Fat

so USA makes cars that weigh too many tons and kill too many :(

     White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime. 
NFL is now the largest anti-cop group in America.
The NFL is now the largest anti-cop organization in America.  They and their players are spending almost $100 million on a public campaign to support Criminal Justice Reform and defame cops.  Lots of people are starting to notice.

     blue light
Bill Gates has Parkinson's. Living and working in a blue light office environment along with constant exposure to high powered EMF devices is a recipe for chronic illness! 

     DO NOT GOTO Kaiser. CORONA Virus. 
Squeeze lemon in your water. Get good sleep. Dim the blue light on your screens and rooms at night. 
Keep your immune system strong by cutting back on Dairy, Sugar, Gluten, GMOs, Processed foods
Do not goto Chinese New Year. Avoid Crowds, busses and sick people coughing. Do not touch your hands to face. Wash Hands Frequently. Shower when you get you home. 
Kaiser very likely to be GROUND ZERO for any CORONA Virus OutBreak in USA
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals are Filthy. Horrible Negligent Lack of Hygiene.
Kaiser MD RN Tech and Staff Cough and sneeze in hands then touch patients. 
Kaiser MD RN Tech and Staff  touch floors, trash and HazMat lids, DoorKnobs, refuse, blood and fecal products and then touch patients. 

     WHO RUNS Media ? WHO CENSORED Dutchsinse? Who Controls Banks, Textbooks, News, Congress, President, and all Goyim? : 
goto : for CENSORED NEWS

     WHOOLI'S BLOG re: JPS / NWO / Global Domination
Super Easy Podcasts to hear weekdays 

     Thiamine (vitamin B1)
NEW BLOG OUT TODAY: Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble, sulfur-containing vitamin belonging to the vitamin B complex family. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is an essential nutrient that serves as a cofactor for a number of enzymes, mostly with mitochondrial localization. Some thiamine-dependent enzymes are involved in energy metabolism and biosynthesis of nucleic acids whereas others are part of the antioxidant machinery. The brain is highly vulnerable to thiamine deficiency due to its heavy reliance on mitochondrial ATP production. Thiamine storage is decreased by technology abuse and the use of coffee and tea. 
Thiamine deficiency is more evident during rapid growth with an unmyelinated brain. 
Thiamine deficiency contributes to a number of conditions spanning from mild neurological and psychiatric symptoms (confusion, reduced memory, and sleep disturbances) to severe encephalopathy, ataxia, POTS, dysautonomia, congestive heart failure, muscle atrophy, and even death. 
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