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prevention and treatment of corona virus 6:00 

     Rx LESSONS from China @ thanks to Helga Ono
Dr. Negrin Main Hospital Spanish island
Chinese now understand behavior of COV SARS 2 / Covid19 thanks to Autopsies
obstructs respiratory passage to lungs with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks airways and lungs. 
so you have to open and unblock the airways so that treatment can be taken to lungs. takes a number of days. 
Therefore to safeguard: 

#1 drink lots of hot liquids coffees soups teas warm water
take a sip of warm water every 20 mins. keeps mouth moist and 
helps to wash all virus to tummy where acid can neutralize before it can get to lungs. 

#2 gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon water

#3 virus attaches to hair and clothes. Any Detergent or soap Kills it. But you must Shower when you enter house. 
when you enter house go straight to Wash Machine put all your clothes in then
go Straight to Shower and SOAP CLEAN. Before you sit or touch anything in your house. 
if you can wash your clothes daily hang them in direct sunight where UV kills the virus.

#4 Be especially careful with metal surfaces. Virus lasts 9 days on metal. 
Take note and be vigilant about touching handrails and doorknobs etc

#5 Don’t Smoke. 

#6 wash your hands every 20 minutes with and SOAP that FOAMS. And do this for 20 seconds. and wash  your hands thoroughly 

#7 Eat Veg try to elevate your Zinc levels, not just your Vitamin C

#8 Animals do NOT spread Virus to people. Only Human to Human Transmission.

#9 Try to avoid getting common flu as that weakens your immune system. Try to avoid drinking and eating cold things. 

#10 if you feel a cold or flu coming on use the above advice to attack it and wash it into your Gi tract where your Stomach acids can neutralize it.
Virus remains in nasal (throat?) etc 3 or 4 days before passing onto lungs

The U.S. Military Will Be Here Soon And They're Preparing For The Worst! 

     aplanetruth 4u 
Contagion - Blueprint for Cough-19 USA Inc. Martial Law 

     See How To Wash Hands
A good illustration of why the surgical hand washing technique is really very important

School Closures Through The Summer 

fiveG Roll out During Madrid Home Quarantine  

     Dana Ashlie 11:37
Secret plans during lockdown? Calling all Ψhιstlε βlowers to do the right thing... 
DanaAshlie at ProtonMail dot com if you can provide any of evidence of 5G being installed in schools under guise of “Disinfection”

      Dana Ashlie 57:00
The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda. 

      Dana Ashlie

     Crime Spree SF 
If the cops aren’t going to stop this then the community needs to. All bets are off.
Pure anarchy ...and now prisoners are being released nationwide ...edging towards Natural Born Killers-land. 
Looks like the Walgreens on Ocean Ave near 19th Avenue. Easy to get away on a MUNI Streetcar.

     The Atlantis Report 
Not just Economic Collapse - This is The Collapse of Civilization And The Establishment of a NWO 

UK Hero Tommy Robinson Protects Elderly Couple being ATTACKED by Jihadis. 
Jihadis coughed, spit & attacked elderly couple during a global pandemic who were out getting groceries - 
REAL MEN like Tommy Protect Help Those in Need!
Andre Watson @nanogenomic 
This is the most important post on the internet. DOCTORS ARE NOT BEING ALLOWED TO PRESCRIBE #hydroxychloroquine + #azithromycin OFF-LABEL IN THE USA.
5/ Results on Day 6: -12.5% of control patients virologically cured -57.1% of HCQ treated patients virologically cured -100% of HCQ + Azithromycin patients virologically cured

120 years ago the Bubonic plague from China came to San Francisco 

1918 Spanish Flu came from China. Wrongly Named.

Wuhan Corona Flu came from China. But Lefty historians will change that too. 

Chinese eat every animal they can catch. some raw. China = inhumane

From a nurse friend: Finally 11pm and all kids asleep. But I cant sleep, keep reading terrible things in the nurse groups. One nurse said that her youngest critical patient was 23 (so intubated, in the ICU) and she had NO pre existing conditions, NONE. She is a nurse. 😭 The nurses on the COVID units are saying many of them are going into multi organ system failure, requiring dialysis etc. 

The Toilet Paper Caper (FavTrip) 

1720: Great Plague of Marseille
1820: First cholera pandemic
1920: Galveston Plague
2020: Coronavirus or 5G Mass Extinction
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