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An Australian Holocaust 
Max Igan & TheCrowhouse

     Mark Kruse / blue light
The Mystery of Urban Psychosis 
Why are paranoia and schizophrenia more common in cities? 
Might blue light and nnEMF be the reason behind this finding? You know what I think.

Whoa... Trump and Epstein
Could it be that his connection to Jeffrey Epstein explains Donald Trump's erratic behavior and decision making on Iran?

What do you think?
This is a theory I float, partly because of Epstein's connection not only to Trump but also to intelligence and to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Regardless of why he is doing what he is doing, the optics look really bad right now for Donald Trump.

Which I explain in this video.

I also cover the major news about Epstein coming from a 60 Minutes report.

You can now see Epstein autopsy photos and other new evidence that raise more and more questions about how his death could possibly be a suicide.

Watch the whole video to get the latest crucial information about Trump, Iran and Epstein.

Iran is now openly planning retaliatory attacks on America.

Of course in response to the assassination that was supposed to "prevent" future attacks.

You can see how the US government narrative makes no sense.

Yet the US is actually pressing on with new airstrikes.

Which I cover in this important video.

I also go over all of the latest disinformation related to the events in Iraq and as they relate to Iran.

Plus I explain that any retaliation is possible because of Iran's many affiliate groups and allies.

Breaking News!! Class Action Lawsuit v Facebook Just Launched 

     SAVE the OWLS
Here is an 11-minute video with pictures and accompanying sound recordings of the Owls of North America - As best as I can tell, our back-yard resident is a Great Horned Owl (featured at about 4 mins 50 seconds into the video) but I also occasionally hear a Barn Owl (right near the end of the video at around 10 mins 50 seconds) Years ago I built a box to internet- recommended specifications and hung it in a likely spot in our backyard. It has since been gratefully occupied by all manner of varmints and beasties, but nary an owl as far as I can tell…

Hello if i do not find a use for a part of a ton of 2 x 12 Douglas Fir Scrap from a local construct project: Gonna goto WASTE! HELP! ideas? thanks. 

any use for cut offs of Doug Fir 2" x 14” maybe a foot or 2 long? or more, not sure yet. CLEAN. NEW. Palo Alto / SF Maybe those are just TOO Large and HEAVY for any OWL or Hawk Box. SHOULD WE GRAB? thx

     Also have:
Redwood Fence Boards Slats Planks 1 x 8 and or 1 x 6 to make Bat Boxes? Owl Boxes? Bird houses? have Lots of Supply over here! foot long, 2 foot long, and more. 1 x 6 and 1 x 8 etc. 

What Birds? Bats? owls Should i be Building for in West Menlo Park? Which Birds Can i use Redwood for? thanks. 

Suspect Western Screech Owl. Western Barn Owl?
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