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    CAT / NoLi see also Cat Book @ 2019
18 Amazing DIY Cat Toys You Can Do at Home Compilation
12. BE very CAREFULL w/ any Watch Batter as you do NOT want your CAT, BABY, or Child to EAT PCBs or HEAVY METALS! 

NoLi / DIY Fun Feeder for My Cats Slow Feeder

re: How To Catch a Cat: Need to ask a VET but do not see plastic bags as good or safe concept. Suffocation?

Also: good to stay w/ Natural Fibers (Sisal, Jute, Hemp, Cotton, Wood, brown cardboard) 
For Example! our cats love to play with 12 Pine Needles from our Jeffrey Pine Trees! (Best Cat Toy ever for cats Weeks old or Decades old!)
Because Plastics / synthetics cause cancer. Cats will destroy and chew on most everything so keep it natural. Extend their Life!

WOOF: This is for Dogs. Cats you may leave the room now: LOOK! a Bird!
For Example: tennis ball fibers are synthetic. Boo! Woof! Boo! Need Hemp / cotton / Sisal Ball! 

How to make a Cat Cooler

A: Cats reduce RATS! YAY! B: Cats Reduce Birds. BOO! C: so if you feed a stray, be sure to Spay / Neuter. love cats 

1: best to keep cats indoors. 2: Therefore if you start with kittens; Never let them outside and they will not so much know what they are missing.
Best to keep cats indoors because; Cats live longer, Birds live longer. 
Outdoors = Fleas, Ticks, cat diseases, cat fights, death by car, dog, coyote, cougar, Hawk, Theft, elements, etc. 

     CAT / SIS vs BRO = 24M views 11.6M subscribers
Testing Cat Toys on our Cats!!!!
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