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Brighteon Films posts new 5G mini-documentary that warns humanity about the imminent danger of 5G cell towers 

     Agenda 21/ 30
Here we go, folks. The U.N. Agenda 21/ 30 to clear land and build Smart Cities. 
Australian government funding 52 smart cities projects with AU$28 5m
Same soda companies now pushing transgenderism mutilations of children once promoted sugary soft drinks for infants
So it only took five decades for the evil soda corporations to go from abusing babies with liquid sugars to promoting the abuse of children through transgenderism and gender dysphoria.

     EZ WATER 
Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack | TEDxNewYorkSalon

     Siim Land #keto #fasting #healthy 
What Is Deuterium in Foods and Deuterium Depleted Water

Official petition to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom 

goto for RYAN DAWSON CENSORED NEWS banned by FB TW YT Li iG Goo etc.

     Ryan Dawson
What Really Happened with Ryan Dawson 1/10/2020 

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live - PRIME TIME 1/9/2020 
Blackbird9's Breakfast Club with Frederick C. Blackburn 1/8/2020 

     smacko 1.9 7pm 
Trump following the Israel playbook in Iran 9|| Netanyahu Admits Starting War To Distract From Scandals

Netanyahu Admits Starting War To Distract From Scandals 
Trump following the Israel playbook in Iran
Because the US news media (and education)
encourages us to have zero historical memory,
here's what Israel was up with Iran just a year
and a half ago.

As is often the case, it takes a comedian,
in this case, Jimmy Dore to lay out reality
for us (Note: This video is from 2018.)

Video: - Brasscheck TV

Reviewing the story of U.S. dominance & imperialism

'Dictator Donald Trump’s spurious, hate-filled rhetoric against the Islamic Republic is absolutely unacc eptable. He – as Presidents before him – has been spitting lie after lie, deceiving the public and stirring up unnecessary xenophobia and discord. 

This is quite a historically correct, educational and entertaining video.  A must watch.'
Reviewing the story of U.S. dominance & imperialism 
     smacko 1.9 6pm 
Dem Sen: Trump Is on Verge of 9/11-Style Attack on Iran
Sen. Markey Compares Potential US Strike on Iran to 9/11 

--1/08 Letters: Get the full story before condemning the strike that killed Soleimani 
'Hunter made no mention of his own criminal activities in his letter.' 

Duncan Hunter invokes 9/11 but not his felony in resignation letter 
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