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     Stephen Molyneux re: Excited Delirium
George Floyd Passed a counterfeit $20 Bill that was still WET!
He was Passed out in his front seat high on Fentanyl and Opioids 
George Floyd Resisted Arrest and Did NOT Cooperate before and after he was out of the drivers seat
George Floyd had Foam at the Edges of Mouth. Reached up, Reached back and tossed a small bag of white Powder.
George Floyd Refused to Cooperate and tells cops he Claustrophobic. Saying you canít get into a car because your Claustrophobic is a lie. 
Repeat FELON w/ History of Drug Abuse lying to cops and being non-cooperative.
Most Suspects w/ Excited Delirium dead before ever make it to hospital. Due to Drug Overdose. Cardiac arrest / Pulmonary Failure.
Store Owner already had offered to George Floyd: Just give back the cigarettes and you can drive away. (Cigs bought w/ $20 Fake Wet Note)
Everybody in car new they were busted for passing a FAKE $20 Bill for Cigs.
Join me NOW - MASSIVE updates on the George Floyd case...

     Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux

Join me in a few minutes - MASSIVE updates on the George Floyd case...

IntelDoge @IntelDoge 
LIVE - Riots across the USē2 days ago

9 of 15 stores Address Looted    Niggas Shoppin. SF Sat Eve May 30 2020 
Gucci Cartier Chanel Coach Lulu Lemon Dolce&Gabbana Macys Shreve&Co Salvatore FerraGamo Tourbillon Boutique 
Watch Stores Jewelry Stores Shoe Stores H&M Crate & Barrel Marshalls Old Navy 
Real Good Sale. 100% OFF! Shopping spree SF. Everything s Free. Doní need no credit card. - Jermaine Ellis
Vandals Smash Glass 3 hours of Stores Smashed Looted Dolce&Gabbana Broken Burnt Flooded 
San Francisco at night itís going down Union Square Sat Eve May 30 2020 
Coach 190 Post St SF 
Dolce&Gabbana 100 Grant Ave SF
Maiden Lane Music Store Christian Louboutin 29 Maiden Ln, SF
Lulu Lemon 327 Grant Ave SF 
Salvatore Ferragamo, 236 Post St SF
Tourbillon Boutique 231 Post SF Music Store 
Marshalls 760 Market St SF
Old Navy, 801 Market Street, SF, CA
H&M 150 Powell St SF
Cartier 199 Grant Ave SF
Chanel 156 Geary St SF 
Gucci 240 Stockton St SF 
Macys 170 O'Farrell St SF
Shreve&Co 150 Post St SF
Crate & Barrel 55 Stockton St SF 
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