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     2020 SF events

SUNDAY Jan 12, author Gar Smith speaks about the perils of 5G (5th Generation wireless telecom)
10:30 am BFUU interfaith SERVICE at 
1924 Cedar St. Berkeley
followed by potluck LUNCH (bagels galore) 
12:30 til 2:00ish Workshop and discussion re 5G and wireless telecom with Gar, scientist Lloyd Morgan, and co-founder of WiRED Phoebe Sorgen
After the workshop, some of us will MARCH a block down to MLK Way, flyer passersby there, and march back.  
We’ll pause where there are two planned Wireless Telecom Facilities (WTF!)  We’ll have protest signs to lend. Green Party

     Sun Jan 12
2020 No Pants BART Ride Day Sunday, January 12, 2020 | 1:50pm FREE (but BART fare is required)
RSVP on Facebook – Follow @NoPantsSF on Twitter for live updates.

     Thu Jan 16
Special Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Potluck, Celebration, Strategy, Socializing Meeting, 
 Thursday, January 16, 2019, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, 
 Fireside Room, BFUU, 1606 Bonita, Berkeley 
Note that this meeting begins extra early and runs late! Bring a dish or drink to share, any brilliant ideas and insights, your own talents, energy and efforts that you wish to volunteer.  Celebrate the accomplishments of our 18 years of effort and where we want to go next. Our third Thursday meeting. 
Meetings and events are posted at

Thursday, Jan. 16, 7:00pm: 5G Community DISCUSSION with world-renowned 5G expert DAFNA TACHOVER 
Hosted by Berkeley City Council Members Ben Bartlett and Cheryl Davila with WiRED. 
South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis St. Berkeley near Ashby. 
Plus retired electronic engineer/scientist Lloyd Morgan, an industry spokesperson (invited), and 
former Council member Max Anderson. Followed by audience comments/questions. Green Party 

Friday, Jan. 17, 7:00pm: Our Streets! Our Choice!?
with 5G expert DAFNA TACHOVER and KARL MARET, MD/electrical engineer.
Hosted by WiRED (Wireless Radiation Education and Defense)  
Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, 1821 Catalina Ave near Colusa, north Berkeley. Green Party

     FRI, 17 JAN 
FRI, 17 JAN AT 21:00 MiMOSA Psychedelic Stereo 10 Year Anniversary at HopMonk Tavern, Sebastapol 

     Sat Jan 25
global 5G protest event Saturday January 25th #STOP5G

Stop 4G/5G Cell Towers From Being Installed On Utility or Light Poles, 
15–50 Feet from homes to protect your Safety, Privacy and Property Values. 

Scientists for Wired Technology 
Advocacy based on Scientists' research of the hazards of pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation 

5th Generation (not to be confused with 5 Gigahertz) wireless is not yet activated here, but some 5G-ready Small Cell WTF’s have been installed, and 1000’s are planned!  5G would drastically increase: surveillance, hacking, fire risk, interference with weather prediction, property devaluations, energy use, worker endangerment, industrial clutter, co$t to cities and individuals, adverse health & environmental effects due to radiation!

Sat. Jan 25 International 5G Action Day!  NOON Rally in front of the Verizon store, 
2209 Shattuck Ave near Allston, downtown Berkeley.  
March to the Farmers Market at MLK Park and back.

Hoping to see you soon! Green Party of Alameda County

SAT, 25 JAN AT 12:30 Saving Shark Biodiversity Shark Stewards · Sausalito, CA 

Sat FEB 1 9pm Minnesota @ The Independent 628 Divisadero St, SF $20
     Sat Feb 15
Sat Feb 15 Beginning Beekeeping: The Basics an... @ Garden for the Environment 7th Ave @ Lawton SF 

)’( Sun May 3 2020 St Fair Howard @ 2nd St SF Noon-8pm.
)’( )’( )’( Bay To Breakers 2020 Sun May 15 San Francisco

)’( )’( )’( San Francisco Pride - Generations of Hope, June 27-28, 2020. Friday eve Castro @ 18th St SF
Sat June 27 DykeMarch. Gather Dolores Park 12 noon-5pm for Super Fun Park. Then 5pm March to Castro @ 18th St SF for ALL EVE PARTY! 
Sun June 28 PRIDE SF Civic Center 11am-6pm then back to Castro all eve. hardly strictly bluegrass 20th anniv Oct 2-4, 2020

     2020 FEST CAL NV
)’( FRI, 10 APR 2020-13 APR 2020 Lucidity Festival 2020 - Chapter 9 - Regeneration Earth @ Live Oak Campground 4600 Chumash Highway, Santa Barbara 

)’( Apr 24-26 Serenity Gathering, OakDale, CA (Former Symbiosis Loacation @ WoodWard Reservoir 90 Mi East of SF

)’( )’( LIB WED, 20 MAY 2020-25 MAY 2020 Lightning in a Bottle 2020 presented by Do LaB @ Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area · Bakersfield, CA 

JUN 15 Camp Tipsy 2020 

)’( )’( July 4th Weekend: Quincy, CA

)’( )’( )’( Aug 30 - Sept 7, 2020 NV 

)’( costumes party
)’( )’( 10,000-20,000 folks costumes 
)’( )’( )’( 80,000-100,000 folks costumes 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.